Why has the weather been so crappy? (Northeast U.S.)

The overall weather this season in the Northeast U.S. has been chilly and wet. This was preceded by a cold and snowy winter. Is there some sort of major weather factor causing this or is it just random?

Also, I thought El Niño was supposed to make temperatures warmer in the Northeast. So why has it been so chilly?

Maybe Dr. Evil couldn’t get the sharks with lasers on their heads.

The weather has been crappy because I have been trying to finsh work on the SeaBiscuit for this season and get her on her mooring. Bad weather has delayed this year’s launch and gotten The Wife really crabby about the boat being still in the yard and not out where she can play.

I believe I must have neglected a sacrifice to some obscure sea-god, and this is my punishment.

Blame me…I’ve been tutroing a boy who’s father wished it would rain until the end of the school year…to keep the boy focused Well, as they say…be careful what you wish for!!! - Jinx

Hmm…I always thought they blame all the snow in the NE on El Nino! …Go figure! :smiley:

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[li]Don’t know why.[/li][li]There’s no sun up in the sky.[/li][li]Stormy weather.[/li][/list=a]

I opened my pool on Tuesday.

I don’t know why.

There’s some part of me that says that it is un-American to have a covered pool after Memorial day.

I guess if I wait long enough, I won’t have to top it off: it was six-inches low on Tuesday, but it is slowly rising.

The crappy weather this weekend is one reason why I’m posting here at 1:00AM on a Saturday Night, and not hanging with my friends at one of several clubs with outdoor decks…:mad:
Another reason is our fearless leader forgot to advertise our annual big dance last week, so there was a distinct lack of new ladies for me to impress with my charm and wit, thus providing them with a incredible evening date with me one week in the future (meaning today) :mad: :mad: :mad:

BTW, if you think it’s crappy now, wait till it dries up a bit, and we get an explosion of insects of all kinds - this here’s perfect spawning weather for many insect species - stock up on Raid today!
Why, I remember back in the old days May events when people actually fainted from the heat. We used to be drenched in sweat on Memorial day, and we learned to like it. Ah Yessss, those were the good ol’ days…:rolleyes:

Update on launching attempt:

Local high tide was around 8 this morning, and the weather was nice enough to attempt a launch. While raising her mast, the hinge snapped, causing the entire structure to topple (onto my back). (We had a new half of the hinge machined a year ago, as the part that stays attached to the cabin roof looked badly worn. It was the part which is rivetted to the bottom of the mast which failed.)

So we wrap all the stays and shrouds back up and start back home. After about a half mile, we see smoke and smell burning rubber. The spring for the trailer on the driver’s side gave way and the fender was pressed against the tire, causing problems. I was able to cut the fender away with bolt cutters (I still don’t know why I packed them, it is not as if I carry bolt cutters around normally) and we made it home.

The Wife is more crabby now.

Advice? Should I sacrifice one of my daughters or just sell SeaBiscuit as a cursed vessel?

Well, El Niño usually brings increased moisture, so, yes, in the winter that would mean snow… but it is also supposed to bring higher temperatures in the northeast, which it obviously has not done. I’m trying to find out why but so far no one seems to know.