Why has this thread not been shut down?

I noticed several nonsense threads were shut down in GD today, and yet this one has been going on for weeks. What is the reason for not shutting it down, or at least moving it to MPSIMS?

Body Signals and the Fall of Radical Islam

Yes, I reported it.

I haven’t shut it down because I think it counts as a form of witnessing. It may be substantially outside the mainstream of modern religious thought, certainly, but that doesn’t make it any less witnessing. And witnessing belongs in Great Debates.

The OP is hypothesizing a physical, not spiritual, phenomenon. That’s not witnessing; that’s pseudo-science.

So are miracles. The physical phenomena are supposed to be created directly by God.

Did you read the thread? The OP is asking people to take an experiment and empirically verify his pseudo-science, which he admits has no basis in anything other than his own mind. Form the OP:

Emphasis added.

But if you guys think this MB is better off with those types of threads than without, then so be it. Everyone else in the three has been treating it as a joke thread from its inception.

Wow, that thread’s continued existence really bothers you, huh? :dubious: Hmmm, it looks like you’re favoring your right, there… :dubious:

As far as I’m concerned, it’s a call for the forum mods. I’m not sure it’s that much more counterfactual than other threads that have been permitted in GD (including political ones).

If it annoys you, don’t read it (which is why I don’t venture into GD myself very often;))

It doesn’t annoy me. I thought it was a ridiculously stupid thread, more ridiculously stupid than a couple threads that had recently been closed, and I wondered why this one was so special. That’s all.

I’m guessing that the OP’s left elbow is achy.

Colibri, have you become an administrator? Not snark, it’s just the way you said it was up to the forum moderators–as if you had some say so on whether it was up to them or not.

I mean the moderators of Great Debates. Although we can, we tend not to moderate outside our own assigned forums, particularly in the case of judgement calls such as thread moves or closures, hijacks, etc. In such cases I will usually just report a thread or post (which isn’t always followed by the forum moderators, by the way). There may be exceptions if all the forum mods are off line and the issue is time sensitive, such as a developing train wreck. Of course, we take care of obvious stuff like spam regardless of forum.

It is, and that’s another discussion altogether! I’ve been thinking about starting an IMHO thread about that. Not joking.