Why hasn't Karol been banned

As most Straight Dope members know, Karol has been obsessed with posting proof that the world is not round based on some photo in 1954. Here’s a typical one. He’s posted this regularly, both inside and outside of GD. Not only is his theory out there, but he refuses to hear any contrary evidence and regularly insults posters. So why hasn’t he been banned?

Why are posters always trying to get other posters banned? Can’t you just not read what they post?

Having bizarre beliefs and expressing them is not against the rules nor should it be.

If you’re going to argue he should be banned you’re going to need to present a lot more evidence than that.

I have the bizarre belief that Olivia Newton-John is a pretty darn good performer.

Am I next on the hit-list?

The board even has an Ignore Poster function people can use.

The New Yorker has world-class cartoons. The SDMB has… certain posters. It’s part of the comic relief – an added value. :wink:

I find karol to be a good touchstone for sanity. I have informed the wife that should I ever agree with karol, she is free to have me committed.

I seem to recall that he has been warned once or twice for things like keeping his nonsense confined to the right forums, and for posting hit-and-run type threads, where he doesn’t engage with responses.

The thread linked in the OP ends with this enigmatic post by tomndebb:

I can’t help but think “twickster” is code for “karol”.

Nah, it’s a reference to the fact that I’ve forbidden him/her to post this nonsense in MPSIMS, instead instructing him/her to take it to GD.

If he’s a “one trick pony” it’s pretty easy to just ignore his threads. Why bother trying to reason with an unreasonable person?

  1. That’s not a bizarre belief. :wink:

  2. In any case I share it (thinking of those legs clad in tight leather at the end of Grease :smiley: )

  3. They’ll have to pry my memories of Olivia from my cold dead brain cells (so to speak)

You fool! Of course he thinks the world is round. You think he is crazy? He just thinks we are on the inside.

Scribble scribble scribble.

We remember, oh yes we do.

It’s only a matter of time: