Why hasn't this thing been banned yet?

His first posts were on July 28th, and, while fairly provocative, probably still fell within board guidelines. Last evening, however, he demonstrated that his provocation meter goes up to 11.

I fail to understand how the author of these posts from yesterday can fairly be viewed as anything other than a troll.



He is not here to communicate; he does not respond to people who attempt to engage him. He started this Voting Exams thread, to which he has not returned, despite some actual questions mixed in with the mocking.

He is only here to provoke, and I find it amazing that he has not been banned yet. This isn’t a case of letting a new poster find their feet on the board, it’s a case of obvious and deliberate trolling. It’s a no-brainer.

Maybe there should be a sdmb exam.

The SDMB has a history of letting trolls run free. DNFTT doesn’t apply here. Consider Carol Stream and starring_emma, for starters.

Well, he did make comments in the pit. Fair game here, right? I think?

If I’m understanding you correctly, no, trolling is not allowed even in the Pit.

elmwood, I see your point. I’m not going to search those posters, but I honestly don’t recall them being at this level in two days. (You moved again? Jeez, you move around more than I do!)

Maybe the guy actually believes the drivel. Devil’s advocate, and all.

Trolling or ‘wow, he is serious.’

I knew this was going to be about Civil War Battle Handle Guy when I saw the title. After seeing some of yesterday’s output, I did a search on his posts. The first ten or or so were either blatantly anti-black, anti-immigrant drivel, or snarky answers to GD questions. Amusingly, it’s the latter that have earned him at least one Warning so far.

I’ve gotta say, Frank, you left out the best one, though:

Threatening race war. How very quaint.

Anyway, dude, if you’re reading, there’s a place where you can hobnob with your fellow pinheaded bigots to your withered little heart’s content. Stormy Weather or something like that.

Thanks for helping to avoid a vanity search. I was torn between expressing my indignation and not giving him attention. I did the best I could.

Why is no one mentioning his/her username?

On preview: Is that how you’re avoiding giving him/her attention?

That’s how I’m trying not to. The links in the OP go directly to the posts quoted, if you’re interested in who it is.

Wow. I usually hate it when people call people trolls (and act like they actually believe it). But this guy really does seem like he might be.

As for a nickname, I think we could call him Manassas. He does seem to be tending towards Confederate sensibilities…

Or you could just stick bullrun on your ignore list. Or skip over bullrun’s posts. Or realize that in the grand scheme of things, bullrun’s trolling is really rather minor.

To sum up, bullrun, bullrun, bullrun.

I don’t expect he’ll be around much longer, banned or not.

It’s convention on this board to bold a username, you dweeb.

Fuck that shit, frank.

I’m trying to work up a joke about the franking privilege, but apparently that’s too nerdy even for me.

Yeah, I haven’t bolded a username in years. I’m not gonna start with bullrun.

I guess I could have said “frankly, I don’t give a damn”…

I think he should be banned just on ellipsis usage alone. He’s ruining the tri-dots for the rest of us.

As an official of the Ellipsis Fair And Limited Usage Society, I too would like to see him turfed out for bringing our treasured tri-dot into disrepute.