Why have my youtube uploads (specifically) slowed down?

I have a very reliable, fast cable internet connection through cox. Speedtest.net usually puts me at about 30Mbps down, 5-6 up. Practical tests fell somewhat short of that - around 4MB/s down (close), 270-300K/s up (somewhat short). Still, that 300K number was pretty reliable and I could upload 1gb videos to youtube in about 50 minutes.

For no apparent reason about two weeks ago, that changed. Now 1GB videos take 4-8 hours to complete on youtube, using the same browser, same uploader, etc. But I’ve also tried multiple browsers just in case, same result. But my speedtest.net results are the same, and if I uncap my torrent uploaders, I can still get above 250K/s in uploads. So it doesn’t appear that my general internet connection has been capped.

So then why specifically are my youtube uploads so slow? It doesn’t seem like youtube would need to put a cap on its incoming bandwidth, which is probably really cheap. Is Cox in some sort of dispute where they specifically hamper traffic towards youtube? Any ideas?

Do any other video services behave this way? Try Hulu. It could be because Cox has throttled you down due to volume.

Clearly your neighbor is stealing your bandwidth too.

They could even be doing it legitimately, unless cable has been redesigned to be properly throttled for individuals since I last used it. It seems that, often, everyone on the block essentially shares the same pipe.

Call up your ISP and ask if they’ve changed anything in how they shape traffic.