Why home made Obama signs?

I am seeing quite a few home made Obama signs in yards. Some say “Obama – please!” Why home made? Is the campaign so short of printed material or is there some DIY grass-roots movement?

Haven’t seen any home made McCain signs yet.

People don’t want to pay for them (they are not free); they get stolen and replaced with home-made ones; they are hard to get even if you DO want to pay for them…etc.

Not sure why you haven’t seen any home-made McCain signs but I’m sure they exist. We’ve had several discussions that reveal that the above applies to McCain signs too.

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I’m still waiting for my Obama car magnet and it has been 4 weeks so maybe they are waiting on the Obama store as well to send out signs.

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Yard signs don’t vote. The Obama campaign is spending its money on things it thinks are more effective.

As for voting, neither do television ads.:rolleyes:

Here’s a cool one that some members of my family worked on.


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Vern, that sign is all kinds of awesome. I never put up signs, and I’d put that one up in my yard in a heartbeat.

Wow. That sign is a work of art. There are some really beautiful letters there. It’s very impressive.

My dog can’t vote, either, but if he could…

I can’t speak for national elections, but in our local elections, it’s rare for a candidate to win if he doesn’t have a plethora of yard signs.

Okay, seriously, are you close? I’ll happily take a small road trip out to see it.
Musicat: It’s never been done before. You really don’t have much to base it on. Lawn signs are good for visibility, but too many folks see plopping down a lawn sign as “doing their part”. I’ve got nothing against lawn signs in theory, but in practice, having to deal with the multitiudes that come in my office and want them, it takes me away from doing important things, like actively working to win an election.

More details after the election.

Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

I cannot find the TV news cite, but there is a homemade McCain for President sign in the Portland, Oregon, area that is too big and violates the local ordinance. Complaints have been raised and local authorities told the owner it must be removed.

Authorities gave the owners 30 days to remove the sign. It should be gone by late November.


I encountered that from time to time during my first planning job, when I also had to do sign code enforcement. We gave them seven days, though; if there was a 30 day grace period before enforcement, it would be a loophole around temporary sign regulations.

During political sign season, I’d keep track of all the candidates associated with violations and signs pulled from the right-of-way, to counter any accusations of siding with one party.

Followup: I’ve said this before, but I live in a very, very blue part of suburban Cleveland – the well-educated, educated, racially integrated, old-money Democratic Heights-Hillcrest area of the eastern suburbs – and McCain/Palin signs outnumber Obama/Biden 2:1. There’s even two Obama offices near my house. I canvassed for Obama, and couldn’t even get a sign.

That’s actually pretty funny.

They aren’t free? I had no idea, as it has never occurred to me to post a sign about politics.

How much are they?


'tis the season:


Goddammit, I need to get some volunteers to do these for me.