It's hard to get Obama signs

I have ordered two signs online and not received them yet. I drove down to the campaign office and begged for one yesterday. The lady finally gave me one. She only had four.

I thought he was raising tons of money. Are they not sending signs to Ohio? Or maybe just not to northeast Ohio? It’s weird. I live in a conservative community–you would think they would want to blanket the town with Obama signs if possible. I practically had to promise her my first-born.

Just conjecture on my part, but perhaps the campaign thinks money spent on other media gets a better bang for the buck. I could see them doing just enough signs to maintain a visual presence, while spending most of their money on TV, radio, phone banks, etc. Personally, I never tried to get an Obama sign, as I worried that people would vote against him based on the condition of my yard. I’ve heard enough people say stuff like, “this idiot with an Abe Lincoln bumper sticker cut me off on the interstate this morning, so I’m voting for Stephen Douglas”. :dubious: Like one of the teeming millions of assholes on the planet is enough to overcome all their beliefs and reasoning. So, I just mail a small donation and proselytize friends and family and cast my ballot. But you did get your sign…and you didn’t really have to give up your first-born after all!

The problem might actually be a limited supply because of production, not because the campaign does not like yard signs. I waited over a month for my car magnet. I was sent an email stating that the demand outstripped expectations and it was taking a while to fulfill the paying orders for the magnet. I have see many yard signs, and in different designs. It is entirely possible that the signs are heavier demand than expected.

Of course, I am sure that they are buying every minute of TV ad time they can get.

It takes forever. I ordered one and some car magnets and it took about 3 weeks to get to me. Someone stole the sign off my lawn Labor Day weekend and we ordered a new one, and that one took only 2 weeks, but it felt longer, since we were so angry about the first sign being stolen. Now I’m just hoping the new sign stays put until after Election Day.

eye twitch

It’s probably because all the signs are in Ann Arbor. I think we may be bogarting the whole lot of them. It seems that way when you walk down the street, at any rate.

With the election as soon as it is, you may wish to buy poster board and a marker. Nothing says you can’t make your own signs.

In case something from an earlier discussion would be of benefit to you.

Okay, now that I came off the ceiling, we hate lawn signs. If lawn signs won campaigns, Ron Paul would be president right now.
I will vent more after the election.

I noticed that the Obama sign across the street is missing. I hope it wasn’t stolen. There are two McCain signs nearby untouched.

There are two reasons for sign theft: envy and hate. Either someone relocates the sign or someone is not a supporter and rips them out.

I’ve personally replanted McCain signs and other local election signs that someone has pulled up and tossed in the street.

We finally had to find a local vendor who would make some for us. We got in 400 signs, and were down to 150 in a single day. We’ve got a few hundred more we’re expecting shortly – who knows how long those will last. They were about twice as much to purchase locally than through the campaign, but at least we have some now.

Yeah, we’ve had batches of 250 and been out within three days. We started keeping a list, but it got way too unmanageable, even if we did get some in, so we just scrapped it.

Why don’t you make your own? It means more to me than pre-printed ones to be sure.

We’d rather get them to the folks, but if people want them and they’re unavailable, we’re certainly not going to tell people that they CAN’T make their own.

You know what means more than lawn signs? Knocking doors.

I just got mine yesterday! Took a little less than three weeks. I’m still waiting for my Al Franken for Senate sign, and I put the online order for that a month ago, then pestered the volunteer caller a couple weeks ago to send me one.

The national campaign isn’t particularly fond of yard signs. It’s not one of their key strategies, mostly because lawn signs don’t vote. They’d much rather people volunteer to canvass or phonebank, because it’s the person-to-person stuff that changes people’s minds, not passing a lawn sign at 40 mph.

New policy in the office: you can get one sign. You get the option to buy another if you sign up to volunteer.


Not to Northeast Ohio, according to the folks at the local Obama office. I even canvassed for Obama, and couldn’t get a sign. I live in solidly blue South Euclid, and McCain-Palin signs far outnumber Obama signs.

I spent yesterday driving around rural northwestern Ohio, up as far as Bryan (the county seat in the northwest corner). I would expect it to be Republican territory, and the McCain-Palin yard signs certainly outnumbered the Obama-Biden signs. However, on the courthouse squares (I was photographing county courthouses), of the nine county seats that I stopped in, I found three Obama campaign offices and no McCain campaign offices. So I remain optimistic that Obama will win Ohio.