Fuck the fuckers who stole my girlfriend's Obama sign ...

… and EVERY other Obama sign in her neighborhood in Strongsville. Yeah, that Strongsville.

I live in South Euclid, which is a much bluer Cleveland suburb. To the south of me is a neighborhood where several blocks are filled with McCain/Palin yard signs, with hardly an Obama sign in sight. Actually, if you look around carefully, you’ll see a lot of Obama signs, but they’re all indoors, displayed in windows where sign-stealers can’t grab them. This is a suburb that is stably racially integrated and proud of it, and people still can’t display their Obama signs outdoors.

I’m sure there’s the odd McCain sign that’s getting stolen. Still, most of the thefts I hear about are of Obama signs.

Keep an eye out for an animated wrestler who has a tendency to ridicule people who e-mail him, I hear he’s the prime suspect…

Oh, Strongsville, not Strongbadia, nevermind then :wink:

It’s a sign.

I mean this close to election day, the culprit is doing you a favor. Now you don’t have to dispose of it yourself, right?

You know why McCain signs don’t get messed with? Because McCain supporters don’t put up with that shit.

Teen shot over vandalized McCain sign, police say

(My sign was missing this morning. It might have blown away, but there is no way to prove that.)

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Look, winners aren’t desperate enough to think stealing campaign signs will influence the election.

If you need the illusion of revenge, saddle up the posse, ride out, and rustle some McCain signs.

Ideally in a state with strict gun control laws.

… I suspect the McCain/Palin signs will be valuable collectibles in years to come …

Is your girl friend okay ?

I’m still waiting for my stash of “McGovern '72” bumper stickers to appreciate in value.

Man, you guys are really serious about integration!

Someone trashed my sign. It made me even more likely to vote than I already had been.

Not a McCain supporter, but I the shooting is justified. I hope the property owner wins the case.

Find me a jurisdiction that says you can use deadly force to defend your property.

… against vandals.

Deadly force against vandals. That’s what you’re gonna need to defend here ParentalAdvisory. Good luck with that.

Hey, I didn’t say it was lawful, just that I hope he wins the case.

I believe in Texas you can protect your property with deadly force, IANAL though.

If a piece of cardboard is that important to you, then maybe you shouldn’t own a gun, or maybe one should disavow themselves and divest from possessions and politics. Get away from valuing possessions with blood as per the capitalist, consumerist, corporate fascist model and value life instead of ego.

Louisana has/had laws which allow you to just shoot someone for trespass, IIRC,

Heck, I’d buy a few. For some reason, the very thought of George McGovern, to this day, makes a lot of Minnesota Republicans shit their pants in fear (or so you would think, when you hear their voices get whispery-quiet when they compare a DFL candidate to ‘him’).

Oh, OK then. You just disagree with the law that says you can’t kill someone for writing on your cardboard. So you’re sort of similar to Thoreau or Ghandi.

Perhaps you could commit some civil disobedience, and get this unjust law struck down. Maybe shoot some kids that are on your lawn or something.

Thanks to my new second job I have been driving around different parts of the city and I see lots of areas with either only McCain (affluent neighborhoods) or Obama signs. I see very little mixtures, my theory is that someone steals the signs that don’t fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.

In my own neighborhood, which is definitely not affluent, the only signs I have seen were the houses across from me. The one house had an Obama sign near the sidewalk that kept disappearing and reappearing (usually in a sadder state). The house next door to them kept acquiring more and more McCain signs which they keep near the front of the house not near the sidewalk. The Obama sign has been gone for a while now, I guess they gave up.