Sombody stole my "O" sign

First my Obama sign was vandalized. I fixed it.

Today it was gone, replaced by a McCain sign, probably from my neighbor’s yard. It’s probably not my neighbor’s fault.

But my husband was livid and he destroyed the sign.

Oh well. So much for political signs in my sleepy, somewhat conservative, bedroom community that is a suburb of Cleveland.

They can steal my sign but they can’t steal my vote.

Do people have Walken signs?

Walken for President.

Perhaps you need one of these?

I feel your pain, however. Luckily, the only reason anyone would steal an Obama sign here is to put it up in their own yard.

What suburb do you live in, Lillith?

I live in Bay. There are several signs on my street that are fine. But I went jogging awhile ago and saw one vandalized in someone else’s yard (Wolf Road). Their other two signs (for other people) were fine.

I know this really doesn’t matter, but it bugs me. I wanted a sign, I ordered two online and didn’t get them, I drove to Lakewood for a sign which they were reluctant to give me, and now it is gone.

I totally love that! If only I could get another sign!!!

I think you should put that on a sign! And maybe add:
I’m still voting for Obama!

I don’t know what people are trying to accomplish by stealing signs. Do they think it’s going to make you suddenly see the light and vote for the other guy?

Take comfort in the knowledge that these are desperate moves by people tormented by the growing probability of an Obama victory.

In my neighborhood, I noticed, driving through, the Obama sign on the corner had been Xed out. That is, an X spray-painted through the whole sign. I thought, okay, possible explanations: (a) they changed their mind, (b) they want somebody else but couldn’t get a somebody-else sign, or © somebody vandalized it.

So yesterday I was walking/jogging through the neighborhood and I saw this X thing many more times.

Vandalizing political signs? I’m new to this neighborhood, but I never saw it happen before anywhere I lived. I’m thinking desperation.

Our neighborhood has had conservative signs stolen. It’s silly and undemocratic on both sides, but I don’t think it means the Dems are desperate and fearful.

The reasons people steal signs is varied. But here’s where you can find 140 Obama signs in the Akron OH area.

18 year-old student in the elite part of Western Akron, going to a great high school, stole them. Smart lady set up webcam after first time. Caught him/them on tape. Busted!

Father says boy is an Eagle Scout and HOnor Student. Youthful prank says dad. :rolleyes:

If only we could make an Obama lawn sign with an anti-vandal laser mounted on the top. Any attempt to remove or deface the sign would instantly burn an indelibleObama logo on their forehead. The deluxe version would also burn it onto their genitalia.

BTW, stolen signs should be reported so that, at least, police can keep track of what’s going on. A cop friend suggests that people write their driver’s license number on the inside of the sign, so that if it’s found it can be traced and used as evidence. It’s a misdemeanor and you can get arrested for stealing signs (and my friend, at least, would love to do the job).

Maybe you could replace it with an Ohio flag? :slight_smile:

I still can’t figure out what people are trying to accomplish with the signs, period. Do they think I’ll be driving down the street, undecided, see their sign and :smack: McCain! Of course! Thank you, 413 Park St!
I’m not condoning theft, but I also can’t think too badly of any effort that helps control the infestation of red and blue weeds that sprout on lawns every four years.

People posting signs on their property are expressing their views. There are two basic rights at play here: free speech and property rights. One does not have to agree with or even understand someone else’s free speech to support the concept of free speech for all.

In my suburb where we’ve had maybe a dozen Democratic voters living (at least as per the local Democratic Party activist), I’ve been surprised to see how many Obama signs have popped up. Around here, at least, they’re a visible symbol of dissatisfaction with the GOP to the point where people are willing to openly express that instead of just making the same old checkmarks, or even just quietly voting for the “other side.”

A lot of large, obviously deeply-mounted, painted plywood Obama signs showed up in my (very conservative) hometown since my last visit. I can’t help but wonder if that was due to sign theft.

(I think nearly all sign theft issues are some random idiot or childish prank, rather than a coordinated effort. If it’s due to any desperation that’s on the part of the random idiot alone.)

Plus for the lower-level races, it’s all about getting the name out to the public. Not that many people have strong opinions about who should be, say, land commissioner or school superintendent, nor do they often know all of the candidates’ names.

I put mine out yesterday after i voted early at the library. it’s still here this morning, but Obama signs are like gold around here and disappear FAST. McCain/Palin signs however are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere. A lot of people have woken up to find their signs switched. Anyone want to start a pool on how long it will hang in there. it has the advantage of being guarded by my obnoxious Halloween display. The lawn zombies brook no shennanigans, so I’m hoping it will make it to election day.

My Ron Paul sign has been in same place for about 7 months and remains unmolested.

Make of that what you will. :stuck_out_tongue: