More election sign shenanigans

Check out this defaced Obama sign I just saw:

In addition to being reprehensible, what the fuck does it even mean? I guess the connection they are trying to draw is clear enough, Obama’s a terrorist, but god is that lame.

A couple of questions: Has anyone seen a McCain sign similarly defaced, stolen, folded, spindled, or mutilated? I have not, but I have seen many Obama signs stolen.

Also, what do McCain supporters think of this? Now, I know the McCain supporters on this board, and probably most McCain supporters in general, would not do something like this, most of them wouldn’t even consider it, but I wonder how they feel about supporting the candidate that draws the support of human garbage like this. I know if people were pulling shit like this on McCain signs, I would be really worried about what it said about me that I supported a candidate who attracted this kind of scum.

Now I know that there are some Obama supporters who pull some nasty shit too, but it seems to me anyway to be much more prevalent among McCain supporters. But maybe that’s just because I live in such a red area of such a red state. If McCain signs are getting similar treatment in places like Oregon, or other very blue areas, I withdraw my question. But it doesn’t seem to be that way, it seems pretty one-sided.

Now lets sit back and watch the McCainiacs like bricker mumble about this one time they heard from a guy that his friends wife said she saw some dude frown when he walked by a McCain sign and bricker is outraged at this destruction of the fabric of Democracy and the depths to which Obama supporters will stoop…

I haven’t heard or seen any news reports of McCain sign theft or defacing, but I have of Obama signs, many in fact.

I did see something a little humorous last thursday in my neighborhood, which leans heavily McCain, if the ratio of McCain to Obama signs is any indication. Anyway, two of my neighbors across the street removed their McCain lawn signs from their yards at the same time. One of the guys waved at me and smiled as I gawked stupidly. The other guy just looked a little nervous as he removed the last of his four signs. As far as I know there have been no incidents in my neighborhood, but it seems folks are becoming a little self-conscious.

One reason Repubs are hard to beat is they will cross ethical and moral lines to win. They want to win real bad. They have a NFL mentality about waging war to win. Dems seem to be more respectful .

For the OP, I’ve linked before to a local story about someone caught stealing signs. He was taking down McCain/Palin, and a local Republican Rep’s signs. There are plenty of other stories about Obama signs being stolen locally, too. I just remembered that one, originally, because it ran the day following a local paper’s story about how Obama signs were being disproportionately stolen - and the low humor of it appealed to me.

I’ve also seen a house on a road I’ve been driving daily that used to have up a Burma Shave style series of homemade signs, that announced that even though his sign had been stolen, he was still going to vote for McCain.

Neither of these incidents, however, are presented in any way to show any thing about McCain or Obama supporters in general. If you’re seriously going to ask whether any such signs have been stolen or defaced - you’ll get answers in the positive. No matter how good or right a cause might be, there will always be yammerheads who attach themselves to it.

Yes, because drawing partisan lines, generalizing and denigrating, putting words in their mouths, and arguments by ridicule is the best way to beat those you disagree with. Oh, wait- lots of people are jackasses. Democrats are not perfect and sinless, while Republicans are not evil and monstrous. This sort of divisive, partisan attitude will not win you any converts, but harden the resistance against you. The little rush you get from saying these things is not worth the partisan divide in this country.

I don’t think I’ve seen any McCain signs in my neighborhood to begin with. However, a “Yes on 8” lawn sign was torn in half just down the street from me. (Proposition 8 is the California initiative to ban gay marriage.)

While it’s certainly true that not all Democrats are perfect and sinless, can’t we at least stipulate that Republicans are, in fact, evil and monstrous? We have to establish some kind of baseline, don’t we? :wink:

My comment was directed at a specific poster and his asinine partisan uninformed diatribe against ACORN in a thread on this board. I gave a specific example of the people I was talking about. I never said all conservatives. Frankly I have no interest in converting anybody. I do find it not a little humorous that you, a conservative and supporter of the most divisive partisan lying campaigners in this election are now decrying my non partisan post directed at a specific person while at the same time calling it partisan. You guys really have gotten away with saying up is down and hot is cold but the polls indicate that it is not working as well as it once did. The rush you get from your little petty glurge is not worth making yourself look stupid.

As for myself, I haven’t seen any signs defaced or vandalized locally. More likely because I don’t drive around much beyond going to work and back. But every candidate will attract their own contingent of zealots that will resort to measures that no one but a zealot would condone.

I think we can solve this one though. There is a shadow in the lower left corner that I suspect will be the from the culprit. I recommend turning the photo over to the crime lab so that they can enhance the perp’s reflection in windshield of the car in the background and put out an all points bulletin.

Here’s another thread:

All 3 Obama signs near my house have been tortured and bent. I salvaged mine.

They do?

Bin Bama is his Indian name.

I thought you were talking about this one.

Yep. Anyone who thinks yard sign vandalism is not performed by dingbats of all persuasions is sorely deluded.



I’ll readily agree that both sides have morons and idiots attached. Do you?

The two wrongs make a right fallacy? Nice try.

Of course. But it was gonzomax that claimed that dems seem more respectful. No, they don’t.