Sombody stole my "O" sign

Recently had our 2nd Obama sign stolen, and I’ve posted in General Questions trying to find out if Republican signs get taken too, as I have found several accounts of sign theft and none of them involved those. I have heard of a few, though, in response to my query, as well as the mention above.

Amusingly, there is today a video of an Obama sign theft on the CNN web site.

I just (finally) got my O sign in the mail today. Instead of putting it in the yard, I put it in the window. :smiley:

I have four political signs in my yard: Obama, a congressional candidate, a county commissioner candidate, and “vote yes for the library levy.”

And which sign was gone this morning? The library levy one. WTF?

Little further south of the OP in Columbus we’ve had a surge in Obama signs being stolen in my neighborhood.

What do good neighbors do? Offer to make a $5.00 contribution to the Obama campaign on behalf of every neighbor who reports their sign stolen. Other neighbors have taken up the same offer and we’ll be giving the Big O a nice bit of money for the final days of the campaign!


Was it a big O sign?

Are you serious… The answer is in the first two lines of the first post.

Heh. Even I got that joke and I never know what’s going on.

Hint: Parental Advisory needed! LOL

my apologies then :smack:

Not trying to have a dig, but like CutterJohn, I’m puzzled as to why people would want to advertise whom they’re voting for in this way. I can’t imagine sticking a big sign in front of my house supporting a political party. The way I see it, my vote is my business. Telling people whom I’m voting for is hardly going to influence anyone else, so why bother?

Peer pressure, I’m guessing. If you’ve not already firmly decided your vote and you see that the majority of people are voting for one candidate, you may (subconsciously) decide to go along with the crowd on the grounds that you want to be on the winning team.

Or it’s “showing support”, like wearing the scarf of your favorite college football team.

Or it’s tribalism.

Or something. IANA sociologist.

When monied out-of-state interests try to pass hateful, harmful, discriminatory ballot measures off on the voters, drastic but fabulous measures must be taken to realign their message with the best interests of liberty.

That’s all I’m going to say on this topic.

Those of you having your Obama signs swiped, should put up one of these and see if anyone touches it! :smiley:

I have 3 signs in front of my house; Obama '08; a local candidate for Beach Cities Health District, Vanessa Poster; and “No on Prop 8”.

The Obama sign is my 2nd, the first having been stolen within the first 24 hours of putting it out. Amazingly, the second one has now been out there, unmolested, for 8 or 9 months now.

I just put the “No on Prop 8” sign up on Friday.

Today I put this sign, laminated in clear contact paper, up on our giant magnolia tree.


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In case it still can’t be opened – this is a close reproduction:

Why is your husband destroying other peoples property?

Well, hey, the homeowner’s associations tend to frown on residents leaving garbage in their yards…