Why I dig Surreal

The Doper, that is.

You know how once in a while (ok, 42 times in a while around here) you read a thread title that’s just so :rolleyes: worthy that it seems pointless to even open it, much less answer it? The answer is SO obvious, and SO stupid, and you wonder what the wanker who posted it was thinking?

I’m learning that this isn’t the case with Surreal’s OPs. Yes, they’re weird. Yes, they sound juveinle and purient. Yes, they’re sometimes off-putting. But damn if they don’t lead to some interestin’ information!

Do some women have teeth inside of their vaginas? being a classic example.

Where Did The Practice Of Sucking The Bloody Penis After Circumcising It Originate? being another personal fave.

And now we have Does Drinking Women’s Urine Make You Effeminate?

So thanks, Surreal, for reminding me that while there *are *silly questions, sometimes silly questions have interesting answers.

And extra kudos to those Dopers who consider the questions seriously enough to provide those interesting answers, rather than writing Surreal off as a weirdo. (Not that I’m certain you’re not a weirdo, Surreal. But at least you’re a thought provoking weirdo!:smiley: )

Thanks for the kind words, WhyNot, but, as you know, all of the credit here belongs to the posters who have diligently provided me with thorough, accurate, and informative responses to my questions over the years. If it weren’t for them, I really don’t see how any of the questions I come up with would ever be answered. I mean, If I walked up to a librarian and asked her for some help in researching vaginal teeth, I probably wouldn’t get much more than a strange look, and that would be a best-case scenario.

As far as the open-ended question as to whether or not I’m a ‘weirdo’ goes, I will admit that I’ve actually made a considerable effort to censor much of my weirdness here. I will typically have five or six such questions on my mind each time I post here, but I usually ask only the tamest one of the bunch so as not to overwhelm people.

Overwhelm? Overwhelm?? I’m not sure whether to take that as an insult or a challenge!

Heh. For what it’s worth, I also am amused by the discussions typically prompted by your off-the-wall queries. Up until this point I have resisted the temptation to ask you how your field reports are being received on your home world, but I suppose it was inevitable that I give in eventually. :wink: