Why I don't spend much time in GD

It’s not the mods. They are very lovely, and smell zestfully clean. No, it’s the religious threads. They all sound the same. Example:

Fundie Zealot: I think they should have Christian prayers in school, lead by the principal.

Godless Atheist: But that is against the Constitution!

FZ: But all kids will benefit from Christian morals! They deserve to hear prayer!

GA: But why not have Muslim prayers read then?

FZ: Because they are not the true word!

GA: But how do you know it’s the true word?

FZ: God said it!

GA: But how do you know?

FZ: Because it’s in the Bible!

GA: well, how do you know that is true?

FZ: Because it’s God’s word!

GA: How do you know it’s God’s word?

FZ: Because it’s in the Bible!

ARRGGGH! Insert any other type of religious debate. You’ll find the same results.

At least have some interesting religious debates.

It’s because of the lack of cheesemakers participating.

I’ve made Mozzarella a couple of times, and I post in GD.

When I first registered, I did a forumn jump and I visited GD thinking I might see a thread on some of the truly great debates, you know, Ginger or Mary Ann? Beatles or Stones? Paper or plastic? But no, it was mostly all religous stuff. Imagine my disapointment.:frowning:

red_dragon60 said:

Dangit! How am I going to keep the lead in Pit threads about moderators if you actually say nice things about me?

(Though it does worry me a bit that you know how I smell.)

Well, you could just ignore the religious threads, ya know. There are a number of others (for example, recently there have been more election threads than you thought possible in a single place).

Gore person: I think they should have the recount

Bush guy: No, the supreme court said they couldn’t.

GP: But there was the intent to vote for Gore!

BG: It doesn’t matter. if they can’t punch a card, they shouldn’t vote.

GP: But the ballots were confusing!

BG: To a person who can run 10 bingo cards at once?

GP: Shut up, you don’t know what you are talking about!

BG: Are all Gore people whiny idiots like you?

Zestfully clean Mod: Take it to the pit.

BG & GP: But they started it!

Hey, red! Yer beautiful! I couldna said it any better myself!

After I read your OP I immediately started composing the Bush/Gore GD thread in my mind, and when I got to the end I found you’d done it better than I possibly could have.

Sometimes I get that grim impotent feeling because I don’t often post in GD…or even open the forum half the time…but I like to feel that my input to GQ* pays the rent for my excursions into IMHO, MPSIMS, and the Pit.

This is not to say that I do not share the immense respect for David B and the unhealthy obsession with Gaudere that all good Dopers enjoy. But after I get tired of banging my own head against the brick wall, I don’t necessarily get kicks from watching others bang theirs.

  • Put the garlic into the hot olive oil only AFTER the onions have been sauteeing for at least five minutes.
  • The drummer on that particular date was Art Taylor.
  • The Jack of Diamonds goes there.
  • Boris Karloff AND Lionel Atwill.
  • It only affected the Bizarro Supermen.
  • Queen’s Knight to Queen’s Rook Six.

None of you realize that Great Debates is just a clandestine physics experiment in which skilled experimenters are engaged in watching what happens when particle and anti-particle collide.

Regrettably, what you get is heat and not light.

Nah. You just have to know whose messages give off the light and whose are merely heat. Those of us who are zestfully clean, for example, always give off enough light to turn night into day.

Only if you bend over !!

Sounds like my type of debate, imthjckaz…Let’s do it! Those are debates that I have often spent more than a minute on, anyway. And I’m tired of the election chatter. Let’s get to where its really at. The hotties on Gilligan’s Island. What to put your groceries in…

::sidling up next to Scylla::

Really? Is it hard? I’d love to try some good, fresh Mozz, but there’s nowhere to get it 'round here. Will I get hooked & never be able to stop? :wink:

The Lord’s blessing is upon you, Scylla!

At least, that’s how the guys in the back of the crowd heard it, at the Sermon on the Mount. Right, Collounsbury? :smiley:

From what I’ve seen in GD, it’s filled with pointless head-butting and windmill jousting nonsense. If those individuals wish to waste their time and energy arguing until they’re blue in the face, well let them. Those arguments have nutty-buddy’s chance in heck or being won because of the nature of the combatants. Do these people actually think that they are going to change the mind of their polar opposites?

fundie: “I guess maybe gays should adopt children, but God still hates them.”

athiest: “Well, I guess that’s a good enough compromise. Hey, lets go to mass together!”

republican: “Let’s all go down to the Liertarian party HQ and sign up right now!”

democrat: “How could I have been so stupid as to vote for a party who’s symbol is a donkey…what a fool I have been.”


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Why don’t you c’mon over to Zenster’s Awesome Recipe Thread and tell us how to make Mozzarella.
<Zenster mode: OFF> :wink:

Seriously, I’d love to know how to make Mozzarella!


How to make mozzarella link:


Oh dear. I’m so pleased to get a laugh out of this. It’s a pity your existence is forfeit to the great Mods of GD. Farewell, brave casdave. Your spirit will be missed.

I like reading GD, but I don’t actually get involved in many debates. Not because there’s so many of the same debates, mind you. It’s because I’m bright enough to know that one should not engage in battles of wits when one is unarmed, and the GDenizens would positively toast my ass.

So is this a great debate about Great Debates?

(with a side order of mozzarella, of course)