Why I like Space Wolves

Venerable Dreadnought- Probably the coolest Dreadnought variant, in no small part due to the fact that you can take it as an HQ choice (one of the only ‘vehicle’ HQ’s in the whole game). Giving it twin-linked weapons is kind of redundant IMO because its ranged weapons already hit on a 2+ (you’ll hardly ever miss) so I often opt for Assault Cannon or Multi-Melta. These short-ranged weapons are also practical since you want this thing to get into punching range; lots of attacks+hard to kill (for a vehicle, anyway) mean this monster will chew threw guys like there’s no tomorrow.

Wolf Priest- Underrated unit, I think anyway. Rune Priest is good too (has a psychic ability making units harder to hit in shooting) but the Rune Priest has a rather high base cost (80) considering it doesn’t start with anything. The Wolf Priest is a bit more expensive (90) but comes with weapons, which actually make it really cost-effective. They also double as Space Marine Apothecaries, meaning they can take equipment that lets you ignore the 1st failed armor save. This is particularly useful when the transport they are in is destroyed, and you stand to lose a few guys from it. Aside from that, the guy is a close combat monster. If you compare him to conventional Chaplains, his stats are better across the board. So 90 points for a better Chaplain with Space Wolf advantages (night fighting bonuses, can use a bolter 1 handed, morale bonuses, counter-charging) plus being able to double as an Apothecary make coughing up 90 points a pretty good deal in the long run. Plus this guy can take wolves with him (in close combat, wolves function the same as marines minus the armor). This means you could theoretically have a 15-man squad of Blood Claws lead by a Wolf Priest, who is also Accompanied by 4 Fenrisian wolves, making a 19-model squad(!).

Scaramouche is a princess, but not the nice kind of princess. The kind with elbows and wings upon wings. And don’t get me started about Malabar. He’s a camera obscura, all velvet and no rinnet, if you know what I mean. The Wolf Priests are coming! Can you hear them? With their knives of bone and sinew. I lived three lives as a Wolf Priest and would live three more for a penny or a dram. Ask Scaramouche and Malabar, they were there! They saw the Venerable Dreadnaught burning off Vanguard Bay. The screams, the dancing, the captain’s goat, everything! Are we lesser men for it? ARE WE?