Why I use Kikkoman™ brand soy sauce

Kikko Man!

Holy Shit! I thought “Yatta” was strange!

anybody want to deconstruct that thing for me? Especially the hanging cat and the big muscular soy sauce guy/thing with the naked girl?

It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Okay, so it’s not obvious.

Here’s the English version

Kikko-Man is a superhero from a Japanese message board who uses soy sauce as a weapon. There was an earlier thread about him.

How…odd. I’m not sure the English translation help muched.

“help muched”?

It’s contageous!

The english version did not kill the cat!

Some of the things we discovered in the earlier thread of Kikko-Man and other thoughts:

The other two characters appearing with him are sugar and vinegar. Although they appear to be his assistants, he is beating them up early on.

The chorus, “Show me, show you, Kikkoman, Kikkoman,” is a pun. “Shoyu” is the Japanese word for “soy sauce.”

The hanging cat is another gag from the Japanese message board (although it has been changed in the film to him sulking recently, it seems). Kikkoman appears to be screaming at the poor cat to choose soy sauce over other condiments.

Another change made to the film is the caption “Smoking is bad for your health.” This is useless, in my opinion. My interpretation of the scene was that Kikko-Man took his own comment that soy sauce can improve your health so seriously, he can do anything, even smoke, without any harm.

How come the cat doesn’t hang himself in the english subtitle version?

And who are the guys with the cube and the yellow bottle on their heads? Not the ketchup or worcestershire sauce guy that get beat up by kikkoman, but the ones who fight alongside of him? Tofu-man and yellow sauce man?

And who’s the babe in the sack with kikkoman?

I must know!

Thanks mobo-san. But I still want to know about the babe.

I have now been told that the babe represents Worcestershire sauce.

I still wonder about it, though.

It used to.

Is the cat annoyed by Kikko-Man? I think so.

If I were a cat, I would be seriously annoyed by having soy sauce, of any brand, poured upon me! :slight_smile:

That wasn’t the cat that got the Kikkoman shampoo; it was the young man plagued by Bacteria.

Here’s the other thread.

– Ukulele Ike, strictly a San-J man

1 block of tofu.

A few drips of Kikkoman Soy Sauce.
Place on a plate, and eat with a fork.


This goes to show you how carefully Ike reads his own forum. Here’s a much more lengthy and detailed discussion of Kikkoman in Cafe Society.

Yeah, well, that thread was started on November 22, while I was officially in mourning during the 39th anniversary of the JFK assassination. What were YOU doing diverting yourself with computer message boards on November 22?

Interesting side-thought on the “Kikko-Man in bed with Worcestershire Girl” sequence. You guys all know that soy goes into Worcestershire sauce, right?

Yea, I got that from the quick shot of them in bed :wink: , although in this case it might be more accurate to say that soy comes into Worcestershire sauce, doncha think? :stuck_out_tongue:

Not in any decent worcestershire sauce recipes I’ve ever seen.