Why insane words for food?

Insanity Wings

Crazy Fries

Nutty as a fruitcake

Wacky Tacos

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Most of them are used to describe food that is so spicy you’d have to suffer from some sort of mental condition to voluntarily eat it.

ETA: Oh, and fruitcake is full of nuts (Panforte, anyone? Yum.)

There is also the connection that events in the mouth and throat can be felt as an effect on the brain. Similar to eating ice cream and getting “brain freeze”. Its not actually hurting the brain but it feels like the pain comes from the same place as a headache type of pain .

There has been a more general tendency for the words meaning “madness” or “insanity” or “craziness” to also be used to mean “weirdness” or “absurdity” and then to mean “exciting weirdness” or even just “excitement.” For instance, “March madness” is the time of the NCAA playoffs.

I think the simplest answer, is that lots of people enjoy being silly. That’s the main thing about this.

Minor side note: including “nutty as a fruitcake” with these others, is a tad off kilter. The other “food names” are more or less commercial joke names, given for the sake of “selling” the food, by appealing to peoples’ sense of humor. The ‘nutty as a fruitcake’ thing, is really more of a wry way to describe a crazy person, using a combination of the dual meaning of the word “nutty,” with the entirely fact-based understanding/assumption that Fruitcake contains a lot of nuts.

Never heard of Wacky Tacos. But most crazy foods are either very spicy or oddly shaped. I think you’d have to be crazy to enjoy kraut juice, circus peanuts or ribbon candy. Or “two fries short of a happy meal”.

“Mad as a march hare” had already been popular for decades before Lewis Carroll decided to name a character that.