Foods whose names have changed

[Kiwifruit]( was originally called “Chinese Gooseberry.” Whoever capitalized on its resemblance to the bird was a marketing genius.

What other foods hace changed only their names, while remaining the same?

“Sugar Frosted Flakes” became “Frosted Flakes Of Corn”, once sugar became a bad thing to serve to kids.

It was difficult to sell “rapeseed oil”, so it became “canola oil” (short for Canadian Oil, Low Acid) in 1978.

Huh, I would have thought they were capitalizing on the fact it kind of looks like a gooseberry?

Patagonian toothfish to Chilean Sea Bass.

Patagonian Toothfish - Chilean Sea Bass

Slimehead - Orange Roughy

Cool simlupost!

GORP to trial mix.

That was going to be my contribution, so I’ll just post this picture instead.

The first guy to commercially grow kiwifruit in California is a friend of my mother. He was a teacher before he retired and went into the fruit game. The first kiwis grown in California were in Redlands.

Back to the OP:

Bait became much more popular when they renamed it “sushi.”

Sugar Smacks --> Honey Smacks
Super Sugar Crisp --> Golden Crisp

Tubba Bubba’s now Hubba Bubba

Kiwifruit is not so named because it resembles the bird. It’s named that because it was at one point exported from New Zealand (although it’s native to China), and the national symbol of New Zealand is the kiwi bird. The name was changed during the Cold War because it was thought that it wasn’t a good idea to associate the fruit with China. It talks about this in the Wikipedia entry. Here’s the correct link, which is slightly messed up in the OP:

Well, “Kentucky Fried Chicken” became KFC, because they wanted to play down the word “fried.”

The fish long known as “dolphin” was renamed “mahi-mahi” so that diners wouldn’t freak out, thinking they were eating Flipper.

I have heard that prunes sell better now that they are marketed as dried plums.

There’s good old Brazil nuts, which many people used to call “nigger toes”.

Sauerkraut >> Liberty Cabbage >> Sauerkraut.

Margarine, at least according to my (late) grandmother, used to be called Oleo.

Not really. The Dolphinfish was renamed to mahi-mahi so that diners wouldn’t freak out. But Dolphinfish are not Dolphins, it’s just a name.

Saying dolphinfish was “renamed” mahi-mahi isn’t quite right. People just started using another language’s word for it.

Know any OTHER English words or phrases that have been replaced by equivalent Hawaiian terms?

An obscure term from another language was deliberately chosen to replace an existing English term in order not to freak out consumers. I think that counts.

Not a surprise-GORP resembles the sound you make when you are face-down over the toilet after a long bender. [Note I am a trail-mix junkie]

And now, it’s back to the former moniker again.

Whore’s eggs have been renamed Maine sea urchins (or, in sushi, its Japanese name: uni).

Mud crabs are now called peekytoe crabs.

Goosefish is now called monkfish (which, to me, is equally unappetizing).

Snakehead is now channa.

the seafood industry recently went after a California restaurant that was selling a Vietnamese cousin of the catfish as “white roughy.”