Why "intelligent designers" can't grasp evolution

The first problem ID’ers have is their inability to comprehend the immensity of time. They look at life around them in the small context of their existence.

The human intellect and its introspective nature is a relatively late development. Intellect has always evolved with organisms but its sudden encounter with the exquisite machine of the human body causes problems of reconciliation.

This may be the clue to the perplexity. When the recent intellect ponders the ancient body it is amazed.

Imagine a universal lottery with odds of winning of one octillion to one. If you bought a ticket you could just as well admit your loss right off the bat. But someone in the lottery will win. It is guaranteed. From one perspective winning is absurd, but from the other it is an absolute certainty.

When opportunities for an unlikely event approach infinity the event becomes nearer a mathematical certainty.

Amazement at our situation is not a reason to doubt a natural provenance.

The human intellect is like a babboon riding around in a Ferrari.

Why would any Cosmic Engineer design something so complicated so it could run around a trailer park in a wife-beater with Cops on its tail.

The truth is that there are far too many flaws in organic beings. Anything capable of that level of engineering would not have been subject to making obvious mistakes.

Mechanical devices and organic systems are too dissimilar in process to be analogous. Our inventiveness does not imply our invention.

Or as Heinlein used to say, "If God designed us, why did She run the sewer line right through the middle of the playground?

I think it’s probably the other way around. Well, we’d have to alter the metaphor, but ah well.

I also don’t follow why your OP demands the conclusion that ID’ers can not grok evolution. Doesn’t seem to follow. They’ve certainly stepped beyond scientific method, but that doesn’t necessitate a lack of comprehension of the basic issues involved.

Also, rather than a lottery metaphor, I’ve always liked the puddle metaphor. Life evolved within the constraints of reality, bit by bit. Just like a puddle fills a hole rain drop by rain drop and, lo and behold, perfectly fits the volume of the hole.

I suppose it would blow Machina’s mind to know I believe in Intelligently Designed Evolution…

…and that you are not alone.

Leave the aliens out of this… oh.


Maybe I should have said “evolution from non-sentient matter.”

Is there anyone who can truly comprehend the immensity of time?

When did Heinlein say that? I’m reasonably certain it’s not in any of his books or stories.


I have trouble thinking of my own lifespan in time.

I believe in Intelligent Design. I also believe in evolution and the Big Bang. What your thread will ineiatably lead to (and to which I think you’ve alluded) is dis somethin have to cause the big bang. IDers say yes, and attribute it to an Intelligent Designer, something that did not need something to “cause” its existence. Others will say no. The debate does not move either side.

There was a thread just last week on this ver subject.

Why, of course. Makes perfect sense.

Me too.

Right, but that doesn’t (precisely) answer my question.

Do you think there are any humans who can truly understand the immensity of time?

Doesn’t change anything. You’re still stuck with trying to explain a “fact” that is not a fact. Plenty of IDers fully grasp natural selection, evolution, the immense scale of time, et cetera, yet still insist that a creator is responsible for it all.

There are disparities between structure and purpose in the animal kingdom.

Exquisite machines engage in brutal destructive behavior.

It doesn’t jibe.

The world is full of miraculous pests.

I’m sorry, but I don’t get this at all. Where are you going with this?

I’ m not following you. Could you please explaiin what this means and its relevance to your OP.

But when opportunities for an unlikely event approach infinity the event becomes nearer a mathematical certainty.