Why is a tennis bracelet called a tennis bracelet?

It may be unhelpful, but it’s still funny! :smiley:

What makes one an asshole in this situation: Being rich? Playing tennis? Owning jewelery?


Yep. All you gotta do is show me a cite other than that claim by Diamond Bug. It may have happened, but I can’t find it yet.

A slightly better source is the NY Times in 1993 said:


Note that the Times doesn’t have a single instance of “tennis bracelet” in their archives before 1987.

The “eternity bracelet” name makes sense–an eternity ring is a circle of diamonds going all the way around. I don’t know how old the term is, but I’ve read it in old 30’s mysteries (and Eternity Ring was the title of a mystery published in 1948). Presumably the ring as a symbol of eternity is intensified by the addition of an eternal circle of diamonds?

Playing tennis while other people are working, and flaunting it by buying a bracelet that shows that off.

Still not seeing the problem.

So, if someone has time to play tennis and can afford a tennis bracelet, they are an asshole? Again, please explain the** WHY. **

Because it’s a joke, that’s why.

ETA: I’m not claiming that it’s funny. Some people can do class-envy humor, and some people can’t. But it’s still a joke.

It’s the particular combination of (1) having a bunch of leisure time, (2) having the money to purchase luxury goods that exist pretty much solely as a visible display of wealth, and (3) wearing #2 while you’re using #1 to play a sport (not generally a venue for displaying expensive jewelry, for reasons well expressed by the possibly apocryphal origin of the very term under discussion).

Unfortunately, like most jokes, this ceases to be one as soon as I have to explain it.

I always thought that’s what the engagement ring and the wedding band represented. I bought one for my wife because she’s always admired them.

However, she doesn’t play tennis, so I’m not sure if buying one for her makes me a rich asshole or not. While I don’t think I’m rich, I guess some might. But I reckon plenty more people consider me an asshole, but I doubt the bracelet has anything to do with that.

When I make it big, I’m going to play tennis and swim in my gold filled swimming pool, wearing only a bikini made of diamonds.

Psh, everyone knows you don’t play tennis in a gold-filled swimming pool. You play tennis on a court made of jade. Playing tennis on *gold *is just so… nouveau riche.