why is america obsessed with god and politics?

just looking down the threads.

well…why folks?

We were obsessed with e-cigs a little while ago. It has to do with what questions people are asking, which aren’t all god and politics. Look through a few pages of older postings in each forum.

Because the weather has been boring lately?

It’s not football season yet.

America [sic]?

Haven’t the vast majority of culturally significant and lasting architectural, musical, painted, and printed works involved either religious or political matter?

Seems like a basic human trait, rather than an American one.

What are you comparing it to? Much of Europe is more racially homogenous, but they still have political debates at the macro level. Much of the rest of the world is more religious, but America is pretty high up there among its first-world kin.

Combine a racially diverse makeup, a religious history of Quakers and Puritans, etc., relative isolation from other major religions (Europe was continually exposed to the other Abrahamic traditions and they’re also closer to East Asia), a two-party system, and the great prominence of American media (which tends to upsell minor controversies for viewership), you get the picture, however inflated, that the country is strongly divided.

America is also bigger and more rural than many other first-world countries (especially European ones), meaning less mixing of its population. Nearly 60% of Americans have never lived outside their home state, and the states themselves are pretty divided politically, so between that and the media’s influences, it’s a self-reinforcing cycle of internal division. “Us vs them” is how you sell TV time, how politicians differentiate themselves, how you sell wars, how you prove your personal superiority, etc. – all very American values.

This is better suited to Great Debates than GQ.

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Europe sent its religious fanatics to America. Case in point: today’s Scandinavians are known for atheism, nudism and modern art … while Scandinavian-Americans are solidly part of the rural Christian-Republican base. :frowning:

America as a whole isn’t represented by this message board, ya know. If you’d get out and meet real Americans all across the country, you’d realize that we’re actually obsessed with breasts. :wink:

Yeah, it is.

Ironically, many of the threads/posts here that seem “obsessed” about God appear to be initiated by those who’re either agnostic or atheist.

Hope they’re the same caliber of “fanatics” that were responsible for laying the foundation of what was to become, America.


I call it beautiful and would love to get my hands on a lifetime supply of this stuff:)

This forum isn’t America.

It would be cool if the moderators analyzed the IP geolocations of all our active users.

Well, maybe some fanatical traits are helpful to be a pioneer in the wilderness. But Canada seems to do fine without mixing religion and politics.

And plenty are not. And atheists/agnostics would mostly stop talking about the matter if the believers would just leave us alone.

You mean you hope they are genocidal slavers?

And technically speaking, traitors. Traitors who won, but still traitors.

On the contrary, the Scandinavian-Americans of the Upper Midwest are far more Democratic than their counterparts of German or other descent.

The Founding Fathers weren’t genocidal unless they intended to kill every last single person of a certain ethnicity. And they were “slavers” only in the sense that virtually everybody else on the planet were “slavers” at the time.

This is tough question. I really don’t know, but Reply’s summary sounded quite good.

I’ll have a go;


1 the USA is a (the) leading super power, engaged in perpetual war and an increasingly class divided nation.
2 the world (including the USA) has been increasingly violent and unstable for the past century.

The 1st is a reason to be fixated on politics, since day one the gap between rich and poor has been painfully wide. This gap is widening at ever greater speed. (mach 3 since 2008) Even in Roman times they knew the mob stayed quiet and confident if they had bread.

The 2nd is (for many) a reason to search for answers or salvation. Or at least to start worrying on a bigger level as faith and trust in governments is at an all time low. Internet, Youtube, blogs and leaks have only increased the interest or disillusionment in politics.
If i were to say “The End is Nigh!” in high pitched Hammer House of Horror voice and raise my hands would you forgive me? :slight_smile:

Look at the board and tell me how many threads are testimonials to Christianity? Next, examine the posts and make the same comparison.

Learn something about where America’s religiosity actually originated from. Did you ever hear of a document called The Mayflower Compact? Start there and move forward… Hint: it wasn’t the Founders.

And frankly speaking, that just regurgitated anti-colonial nonsense.