Why is Bush starting to act like a real president?

This is weird. The first six years of his presidency were full of “oh my god I can’t believe he’s getting away with this” actions. Valerie Plame, signing statements, Alberto Gonzalez, etc. But lately, he’s actually acting like a president should. I mean, he still isn’t apologizing and he’s a terrible president, but he’s starting to act the part.

My evidence: he’s nominating competent people to positions. Petreaus, that new guy for AG. He’s actually used the veto! On something that isn’t kneejerk conservatism, either!

So, why do you think he’s starting to shape up and play ball? I have a few theories:

  1. A stronger democrat presence in congress. He has to play ball now to get what he wants.
  2. The absence of Karl Rove. Karl disappeared and everything’s been uphill since then.
  3. Fear of losing republicans for the next election. His numbers really haven’t been improving and I have a feeling people will be coming out in droves to ensure we don’t have another nightmare like this president again.

It is all because his party does not control congress.

He never needed to use the veto when his party was the majority.

Same for competent appointments. His party was not going to piss on his appointments unless they were caught with a wide stance in the john before the confirmation hearings.

Nope. Congress has the power to stop the war by denying funding. Instead, Pelosi and Reid have rolled over, probably because they fear losing their jobs – and the power that comes with those jobs – rather than doing the right thing. Unless, of course, either, or both of them, have done hidden deals with Bush.

Bush’s brain may be officially out of the White House, but who said he’s completely gone from the scene? Then again, if Bush is like a cockroach without a brain, he’s on auto-pilot so it doesn’t matter.

Why should Bush care about losing Republicans at the next election? He came to the job loathing Washington and will leave the same way. Party “support” was only a means to his own game plan.

Nope. Bush has been in it for himself, and his own agenda (or his minders’ agenda). It’s all about his legacy. Nothing more. Bush is just not smart enough to realize it’s too little and way too late.

Which of his actions are you referring to?

Not good enough?

When weighed against a record of a mismanaged war and occupation, weakened relations with friendly countries and a dismantling of civil liberties (just for starters), no, not even close.

My theory is that all the advisors/ideologues who persuaded him to do so many imbecilic things have abandoned their puppet and moved on. The figurehead will be out of office in a little more than a year, so it’s time to start building a new base of influence, disassociated from the guy who’s name is on the door.

Of course, he’s a shitty president. But you have to admit, his first six years in office when contrasted with the last one show a signifigant difference. His first six years showed such fuck 'em, I’m the president gravitas that you had to marvel at a man so fearless in his wringing every shred of power his office held, public opinion and professional ethics be damned. And the past year, since the republicans–even the good ones–were almost unanimously voted out just for sharing the same party as Bush, and Bush has started to act like an almost normal person.

He’s learning the vast chasm that seperates 51% from 49%.

He’s just a slow learner.

Let’s give him about 4 or 5 more terms and see if he can really improve.

We’ll pass a No President Left Behind constitutional amendment to allow this to happen.

Perhaps it’s because Al Gore has won a Nobel prize:

‘Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore and the U.N. climate panel shared the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for work on global warming…
It was the second prize to a leading U.S. Democrat during the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.
The 2002 prize went to former President Jimmy Carter…’


With Bush invading Iraq and snubbing Kyoto, it shows what the international community think of him…

Look, I don’t like the man, but could we please stop with this whole “snubbing Kyoto” bit? It makes those who claim it look ignorant at best. The Kyoto Treaty was DOA with the Senate. They didn’t even vote on it because they made it perfectly clear to Clinton with a 95-0 vote that it would never be ratified. “Unsigning” a treaty that would never be ratified is meaningless. Would you have preferred that Bush send it to the Senate and let them smack it down anyway? It would be the political equivalent of the 4th quarter QB kneeldown.

I just hope W’s apparent newfound common sense will be applied to relations with Iran.

And won it in the same year he released a bestselling jeremiad focusing on George Bush’s incompetence as a leader.

In more or less equal measure, I’d say… the loss of Congress, concern for his own legacy, begrudging recognition that he is now the lamest of lame ducks, and the emigration of neocons from his administration.

Oh sure, & the guys in the secession thread will still say we can’t secede from the country to get out from under the fool.

I think you’re confusing hubris with gravitas.

He’s been slightly humbled. But when you start with such a high opinion of yourself (and god knows what occasioned that), a slight humbling is not enough to effect real change in your behavior.

Wasn’t it in his first 6 months that the surveillance plane emergency landed in China and they wouldn’t give it back? His response to that was, in my opinion, the only thing presidential that he ever did. The post-9/11 Bush would have attacked.

He said the government couldn’t afford health care for poor, sick kids while spending 2.4 trillion on a war. Just what would you consider knee-jerk conservatism?

Appointing “an ass-kissing little chickenshit” to run his war, a dude who doesn’t know that waterboarding is torture to run justice, and vetoing legislation that would help poor sick kids get well doesn’t strike me as very ‘presidential’ of Mr. Bush.