Why is Everything so over-sweetened

I am more of a savory fan, and would choose a pizza over a cheesecake, any day, but every once in a while it’s nice to have a dessert. It seems to me that every type of processed food (which I don’t normally buy) has become so sickeningly sweet. Maybe my tastes have changed, but I feel this has something to do with revisions to recipes to make the cheaper and last longer.

I am now unable to drink Soda (coke, 7up, etc) because they seem to be pure sugar and even orange juice seems to be preternaturally sweeter than i recall. Is it just me?

Not just you. I swore off sodas years ago and the increasingly rare times I take a sip I almost spit it out it tastes so nasty. I also dilute my juices; 2 ounces of juice to 6 ounces of water. My latest thing, because I’m an unapologetic chocoholic is 70% chocolate. It has just enough sweetness to make it palatable but not so much that I pack on the pounds.

Same here, I’ve started to read nutrition labels obsessively.

I don’t think sodas have gotten sweeter, at least not since the jump to HFCS (and I don’t think cane sugar versions are less sweet, just a little less syrupy). If they had, that would be reflected in the calorie count.

I HAVE found, however, that it’s a tolerance thing. I’ll swear off soda every few years, and go a few months without one. When I cave and try it again, it will be cloyingly sweet.

There is such a thing as a ‘lite’ orange juice which sounds utterly repuksive. They somehow remove the natural sugar and replace it with Nutrasweet. Yuck!

I assumed that I was just getting old, and getting more aware of carbs, and less used to them.

But yes, when I go to a grocery store, there are big swathes of it filled with things I would never buy. They’re pure junk food and I can’t eat it without gaining weight. I guess the market for it is the young(er), with their awesome metabolisms.

Even 70% chocolate is too sweet for me. I have to have 85%, or I’d rather not have any at all.

It has to do with the “bliss point” see Sugar, Salt, Fat.

All to make you buy more food.

I can make my own version of Coca-Cola at home that is much healthier, tastier and less expensive. I trained my capuchin monkey Tyrion to harvest kola nuts from the tree in our backyard, and my SCA squire Juan Carlos helps supply the organic coca leaves. *Shhh! *:slight_smile:

Then it’s just a 14-day process to brew up a batch in the copper cauldron, funnel it into the goat bladder bota bags, say an incantation, chill and enjoy! Everybody who’s tried it says it’s like nothing else they’ve ever had, which is kind of weird since it’s supposed to be Coke, but I take it as a compliment.

There are unsweetened fruit juices you can buy (I am partial to pure cranberry and tart cherry juice, which are a bit much straight but are nice additions to other drinks (for instance, ginger ale).

One alarming development is the metastasis of “sweet tea” to the North. Nope, I don’t want horribly oversugared iced tea, thanks just the same.

Some non-diet products are slipping in sucralose without any warning/notice/indication on the packaging beyond the ingredient list, as is now their legal right I guess. It may be making things taste sweeter without commensurate calorie count increase.
I don’t drink soda much and it does taste more noxiously sweet than ever in my opinion, but it could be because I’m not used to it.

Oh yeah, sweet tea is the worse. Its brown colored syrup. However, I’d guess that if one doesn’t drink soda on a regular basis, when one does because that’s all that is available, the sweetness is OMG!

At least that’s how it works for me. I drink water, coffee with cream and unsweet tea. If I have to drink anything else, its so sweet that I just take a swallow to get moisture into my mouth and throat and then get rid of the rest as soon as possible.

To the OP, don’t go to the deep south. They put sugar in everything. A tablespoon of sugar to cut the bitterness of tomato sauce is one thing, half a cup of sugar is totally different.

That’s some sneaky shit. :wink:

I sort of do this actually. Except my version involves a pinch of orange juice, 3 oz of tea and the remainder filled with club soda. Vary combinations according to taste; substitute in other juices or teas for variety; drop in a slice of lemon if you feel like it.

As far as I can tell, the food companies are out to kill me given all the sugar load in their food. I once measured out the amount of sugar in a single can of coke: it’s fairly striking.

I haven’t tried incantations though: thanks for the tip! :smiley:

Pepsi Next tastes great to me. And OJ has to be from squeezed oranges.

You only have one monkey? Huh.

My target in the overly-sweetened complaint department is flavored yogurt. I prefer plain (yes, I know that no joke I can make my own), but occasionally I forget my lunch or need some protein and I look at the Greek yogurt in our cafeteria. Even if I don’t stir the fruit up from the bottom, the yogurt part is way too sweet. I have to be really hungry to spend $1.50 on something I hate.

I just put about 3 ounces of juice or lemonade or limeade (I’m partial to the last two) in a 16 ounce cup and fill the rest with water.

Woah, I stand in awe of you, sir. I grew up raiding the Hershey’s semisweet chocolate chips that mom kept around for making cookies and acquired a taste for the dark chocolate. I used to brag that there was no chocolate too dark for me, it was the cocoa flavor that mattered to me, not the sugar. Until I tried 90% - yep, pure baker’s chocolate, save it for baking. Backed down to 85% and that’s just over my edge of bitterness tolerance, so here I am at 70%. (And I’m also eating better quality chocolate now.)

I gave up on soda about 20+ years ago. That stuff will ruin your innards. I really like granola as a snack, but the commercial stuff has way too much sweetener in it, so I’ve started making my own. Easy to make and cheaper, I’m sure.

He only has one named Tyrion. Sure, he could marginally increase the efficiency of the process by dragooning more monkeys into the kola nut harvesting operation, but Tyrion is the only one who has the knack for harvesting them just before the peak of ripeness (further ripening takes place while Tyrion is making the trek from the kola nut grove to the cellar where some of the other monkeys – Mr. Tibbles, Jonathan, and Brother Flower* – shell the nuts and crush the kernels).

*Brother Flower is actually a Capuchin monk who wandered onto the grounds one day. He seems to have really taken to his new environment, and only tries to escape once every six weeks now.

The things your are objecting to here (juice, etc.) are expected to have at least some added sugar, though probably most here will agree they add way too much.

But you should keep in mind that even the savory things you like could very likely have added sugar: Things like baked beans, tomato soup, crackers, sausage, etc… The food manufacturers very deliberately add sugar because of its “addictive” nature–that is, it makes you want to eat (or drink) more than you normally would.