Why is #FauciLied trending?

Nice snipped quoting.

Cite that Fauci lied?

Noble lies are a public health hazard | The Week

Given what was known about the spread of the virus in March 2020, I’d hardly consider that a lie. But the advice is different today, so I appreciate the cite.

Oh FFS, it was pointed out back then that the advise was bullshit. For instance.
Opinion | Why Telling People They Don’t Need Masks Backfired - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

You have to consider that at the time, masks were in very limited supply. Had they advised everyone to wear masks, then the supply would have been snapped up by hoarders and those that really need them wouldn’t have had them.

It all makes sense once you realize that the GOP has become the party of conspiracy theorists. This is literally how CTists think - “If I can prove one thing wrong, then everything is wrong!” It’s why they spend years obsessing over minute details of things like shadows in photos of the Moon landings, because if they can show that one shadow is “wrong”, then the whole Moon landing was faked.

It’s no surprise that they’re applying the same principle everywhere else.


On top of that, they view any sort of deviation from the previous advice or statements as being “lies” or “not telling the truth”, even when the absolute truth isn’t known, or what we thought was correct has changed.

So while people with a tad of nuance and sense know that as the situation changes, so do the recommendations, this crowd seems to hold the government to an unreasonable standard of immediate and absolute truth- they have to know the right answer the first time, and communicate it right then, because any sort of changes or about-face indicates a “lie” in one of the statements because the two answers contradict each other.

Yeah, no sense of nuance is a big problem. Anyone who discusses any kind of hypothetical in any way is taken as “proof” that the hypothetical is “what really happened”.

We see that with discussions of the “lab release” CT. If anyone with actual knowledge says, “Well, if it was released by a lab, we’d expect to see these characteristics. However, we don’t see those characteristics, so it probably wasn’t released by a lab”, the mere fact that the theory was being discussed, even if it was immediately dismissed, is proof that “they knew it came from a lab and are lying about it!!!”

This is just simply not true.

Again, he simply stated that masks were not useful for symptomless people because the high degree of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spread was not known at the time. People with symptoms were asked to quarantine themselves and wear a mask if they absolutely had to go outside. This was on the CDC’s website. Since the country locked down, masks were not necessarily needed anyway. By the time states started to open back up, both Fauci and the CDC were asking people to wear masks as source control because they already had data on the amount of spread by symptomless people. We’re talking less than a four week timeline here from the beginning of March to beginning of April.

Masks are largely requested as source control. However, N95’s that protect the user were in short supply for our healthcare workers. Fauci and others were rightly begging people not to buy those. As more data started coming in on how to trick up your mask and as cloth+filter masks became available, Fauci and others immediately encouraged people to use them as both source control and PPE.

No, Fauci’s Records Aren’t Available Online. Why Won’t NIH Immediately Release Them? (forbes.com)

… unless “the government” is Trump, in which case they hold him to no standards of truth or consistency whatsoever.

I heard a bit of McConnell speachifarting today about how Biden’s yesterday speech about voter supression and nullification efforts was, according to McConnell, beneath the office of President. I thought: Holy fucking shit! Where you been the last four years? Beneath the office? Hell dude, you somehow don’t know!

You know why I don’t listen too McConnell?

"Because Mitch McConnell is a loser. " So sayeth Trump himself and if you can’t believe him, who can you believe?

Government office doesn’t drop whatever it is that they are doing and cater our obvious fishing expedition in a time frame that we would like. Therefore they must be hiding something. Since we don’t have any actual information lets spend another two pages JAQing off about all sorts of shady shit of which we have no evidence but would like to convince people of.

They seem to be making this big deal about royalties. Not exactly sure why. I am one of those 10,000 NIH employees that has gotten royalties. They amounted to a $600 every year for 3 or so years.

“Publicly available” <> “available online”

Maybe y’all just don’t know where to look. After I read the above posts, it took me < 5 minutes to find a news article discussing his financial disclosure (from 2019, which is the most recent available?), including a link to the actual document.

The document, as it appears on-line is an Adobe document, and is heavily redacted. So I guess that leaves something to the imagination. Maybe Marshall was really wanting to get the FULL document, which I presume must be available to some limited set of people who Need To Know.

ETA: Okay, I just took a quick peek at the Forbes article cited several posts above. It’s immediately clear that they are demanding much more than the required Financial Disclosure document. It looks like the required public disclosure entails certain financial facts to be disclosed. But the Forbes article lists a great many additional documents and facts that they are demanding. That may be well beyond what Fauci is required to disclose.

McConnell can see Biden clearly by looking upward through a powerful astronomical telescope, way, way up above him.

Five 'll get you ten that McConnell’s “response” to Biden’s speech was written several days before Biden actually gave the speech.

Most of Mitch’s insults are pretty generic (“un-presidential” etc.). It really didn’t matter what specifics Biden was going to say in the speech–it only mattered that he was going to discuss voting rights and the problem posed by the filibuster. And what really mattered to Mitch was that Biden’s speech had been given a big build-up over several days, and lots of coverage.

And that’s what Mitch had to counter: can’t have people listening to a Democratic President and even praising that President! That might lead to people actually considering getting rid of the ridiculous Senate supermajority/filibuster rule, which has permitted Mitch to commit an unprecedented amount of obstructionism!

The Most Important Thing for the country now is to prevent the President, Senate and House from doing anything whatsoever. Anything they do must be obstructed.

I swear to God, if a Pearl Harbor were to happen today, the Republican Party would be siding with the Japanese military.