Why is #FauciLied trending?

Not up-to-date on the latest, but this is trending? I hear he is before the US Congress today. Has something come out, stuff which a reasonable person would find problematic or is it more half truths, insinuations and straight up lies that anti vaxxers have been peddling.

All I’m aware of is he and Paul are fighting again. Basically, if you already believed he was lying you will still believe that, if you didn’t you won’t…nothing new has been discovered or found or whatever, at least I haven’t heard anything.

It’s probably this:

Because this is more political in nature than discussing the factual information pertaining to COVID, let’s move this to P&E.

Paul is a moron.

Roger Marshall, according to Fauci.

So you knew where to look. In terms of your question above, what do you think is likely? Eh?

Come on, you know you know the answer to this. What other answer could there be at this point? The anti-vaxxers are so invested in trying to justify their mess that they’ll lie about anything at this point.

I’m not going to watch a video, but below the video, on a “Hey, click on this to see another video”, you get

Project Veritas. All you need to know.

There’s lies, damned lies, and statistics. Then there’s Project Veritas.

I watched the first few minutes of it. Two people reading a letter from a third party describing what they say the emails “may” reveal about how Fauci responded to speculations that the virus might have escaped from a lab.

That’s so many levels of “if/maybe/might/possibly” deep it’s essentially useless. If this really were a smoking gun, why not just show the emails? Why are we three levels deep on “analysis”?

They might as well just cite a friend of a friend and be done with it.

Still not going to watch a video. From the description of the video,…

No mention whatsoever about a network. In other words, they exist solely on social media. If they were real journalists, they would be on a real network or news source. Don’t know if they’re biased; don’t care. The most generous reading of that description combined with Horatius’ noble sacrifice of actually watching some of the video tells me that they’re either partisan hacks, or they’re wanna be sensationalists.

WTF is wrong with Rand Paul? Really. Is there anyone on the Dope who is willing to defend him or his behavior? Also, I still don’t know why the mics of the person who is not supposed to be talking aren’t cut off. Fauci rarely interrupts and Paul can’t keep his lying mouth shut. Fauci did pull of a good one showing Paul’s web page asking for money while calling for Fauci to be fired.

I can understand people rightly being disgusted with Paul. But he didn’t just stroll in there, the majority of voters in Kentucky want him there. What a country.

You definitely didn’t miss anything. My big take-away was a resurgence of my strong preference for reading things myself, not listening to other people read for me.

That’s putting it mildly, double-o-seven.

It’s not about reality it’s about extreme longing.

The crazies desperately, desperately want Fauci to have lied. About something. Anything.

Because they are simpletons who personify everything and Fauci is their personification of COVID. And if he lied then COVID doesn’t exist.

Which is really funny, given that their hero, the tan-in-a-can loser, publicly stated not only that he had it, but he got treated for it, that he was vaccinated for it, and that people should get vaccinated for it.

Actually I was being flippant and I suppose their logic may be more “if he lied then everything we have been told about COVID is wrong”

Which is strange, since Fauci did lie. About masks. Which admittedly was more a case of pious perjury, to save what was then a precious resource for healthcare workers, but surely if you want to “get Fauci” for some reason then there are much more fruitful lines of attack then “Fauci funded Chinese labs where fake Covid was created” since he wanted to I dunno, destroy the economy?

When the history of the pandemic is written, Fauci will if anything be criticized more for understating dangers then the opposite as these guys ads suggesting.