Why is FedEx tracking so slow?

      • I recently ordered a bunch of stuff online, received the order confirmation and the fedex tracking numbers in the afternoon of Dec 31. So far however, none of the tracking numbers brings up any information at all.
        …And I think I have had this problem with Fedex before–I ordered something, and the tracking number did not present any information until the fourth day when it said “enroute”, and the package was delivered on the fifth day. This is particularly a problem now because I believe I have to sign for the items, so it would really be helpful to have an idea what day they would arrive. Am I doing this wrong or what? Should I just email the Fedex customer service and ask? …By contrast, UPS’s tracking system works perfect, it seems to be updated at least every couple hours during delivery days. Why does Fedex tracking suck so bad?

Are you talking about FedEx Ground? Ground is different from Express (overnite) and is slower. If you order something from an online company it might take a couple days to get into FedEx’s systems and that’s when you’ll see the “enroute” info on tracking. Some companies will consider an item "shipped’ when they load it onto a trailer, but FedEx doesn’t consider it shipped until they pick up the trailer and scan it. That can be a descrepancy of a couple days.

Also, FedEx Ground doesn’t run on Saturdays and Sundays so no scans will update on the weekends.
Yes, I work for FedEx…