Why is George Carlin rapping? This is not funny.

On Jay Leno tonight. He has really lost his edge.

Where have you been? He’s been doing bits like that for years.

I just asked the same question in chat. I can only imagine that he’s either phoning it in tonight, or he’s saving his fury for a confrontation with Coulter.

Yeah, bits. I was under the impression he did other stuff too. Guess XM filters out the crap for me even more than I thought.

Although his being in “Cars” is kind of a bummer, even with the phone commercials and Mr. Conductor and some of the other crap he’s done.

When you’ve got three minutes or whatever that was, you have to pick a bit that’s self-contained, and he was probably not going to do something that would be excessively bleeped. It’s from his last special, which was not his best.

It wasn’t a horrible riff, but it wasn’t good either. Came across as canned. He went through the motions, hit his mark, and got his spots in. Maybe trying to rush it to fit the time alloted. Then again, it’s not like the network censors are really gonna let him do an unscripted rant on a live mic…

Great job on the couch, though.

Who better to do a “Tommy Chong” riff? Pixar couldn’t have the real Chong because Cheech won’t work with him anymore.

Weird. But yes, it actually does harken back to his days as Al Sleet and that kind of thing.

I watched about 15 minutes of Carlin the other night (on HBO I think - the referred-to special?).

I’ve generally liked his stuff in the past, but his material this time was marginally funny or even creepily unfunny (i.e. the transplant-related bit about certain anatomical parts of dead young women going to waste when they could be utilized by deserving old (male) geezers).

Yeah, it’s from the one that aired in November, Life is Worth Losing. I was there for the taping, which was pretty cool, but it was definitely not his best work. Nothing as enduring as his reduction of the 10 commandments, for example.

George Carlin hasn’t been funny in general in dog years. His act is now 95% preaching to 5% comedy.

Mild and media-related. Off to Cafe Society.

I’d agree with that. He’s a much better actor now than comedian.

Like Elvis, Carlin has not aged well.

(Still love his earlier material, though)

With Carlin, the bitter is drowning out the funny. :frowning:

Hey, you try not being bitter in a world where people lap up Ann Coulter’s bullshit. :smiley:

I’d bet most people who take many of her words seriously are either very conservative or of sub-average intelligence. I may not disagree with everything she says, but her polemic style kinda puts me off. :smack: