Why is Harold Ramis in a wheelchair?

I tried Cafe Society and got nowhere. Maybe the denizens of this forum will be better at sussing out an answer:
We saw him at Ravinia last week in a wheelchair. I poked around on the web for a bit and couldn’t find anything. What’s the SD?


Cite? For what? My seeing him in a wheelchair? I don’t know what information you’re seeking.


Looks like someone else saw him in a wheelchair, too. The above is from a June 2011 blog post.

Or are you asking if I’m sure I was at Ravinia, or if it was really me?


I was looking for some other source establishing that he was, in fact, in a wheelchair. I spent a few seconds searching without success before asking for a cite. Not that I didn’t believe you, though.

Reading the OP a second time, a better initial reply from me would’ve been, “He is? Wow. I searched a little and also couldn’t find any info.”

Searching brought me several references to him being in a wheelchair, but no reasons why. Apparently he has gained an enormous amount of weight, which could be his disability, or a symptom of it.

No idea about the wheelchair, but in his more recent photos he looks like he’s prepping for the lead role in a Jerry Garcia biopic.

Man, you ain’t just whistlin’ “Dixie!”

Yeah, this is pretty much the direction my post in Cafe Society went, too.

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