Why is it no matter how hard I try I always prove to myself that I am stupid!

Why is it no matter how fucking hard I try I always end up screwing up anyway! What the fuck is it with Econ anyway…I mean I read the chapters over and over again…I work the problems to death over and over again…I stay up make notes from my notes just so I will be sure I will understand the stuff for the TEST. Then to only find out no matter how hard I study, no matter how much I think i know the material, no matter how much time I spend on that subject I always go and prove myself to be even more STUPID than I was before I tried studying.
You would think after the first attept at that class after failing one time I would know better than to take it again…along with some other classes. I guess once you stupid your always stupid right?? NO matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you arent.
I fucking hate econ…at that matter I fucking hate college. I mean I was so freakin close to getting off of academic probation after having a really bad year last year. Just 2 points away from getting away from the chance of being kicked out of college due to a very low GPA. Then I have to go and screw it up by trying to retake the classes that put me in that position. I ask myself over and over again why Do I let myself torture myself and letting me think that “Hey maybe I am not as stupid as people think I am…maybe it was just a chance of bad luck” Yeah right fat chance on that one…I dont know maybe my mom was right when she said that I was stupid and wasnt worth the money they spent on me to get a better education if all I can come back with is a few b’s and c’s and a lot of D’s and F’s.
I can just see it now once an Honor student now a complete moron and failure in college! Ironic how that works huh. I dont know I guess once stupid always stupid huh.

Is that how you got your username?

Whoa! Dude! Some unsolicited, and therefore nearly worthless, advice:

  1. Fall back and regroup. Drop your Econ like a hot potato.

  2. If you can’t drop it (or if-and-when you take it again), go talk to the professor or TA. If you THOUGHT you knew the stuff cold, and the test proved otherwise, there must be some disconnect. Try to get some advice. Find out WHY your studying didn’t pay off, and WHAT you ought to do about it.

  3. Maybe you should consider talking to an academic counselor. Can you improve your study habits? Improve concept retention?

  4. What’s your major? Does it interest you? Maybe you’d be better off in another field, onr that doesn’t require, say, Econ?

  5. I realize you’re some combination of pissed and bummed, but I think if you channel that into something constructive, by identifying a problem and solving it, you’ll be better off than if you just flagellate yourself.


First and foremost, you’re beating up on your self too much lady. {{{{kremit334}}}} You mention you were an honor student, apparently from your web page, in a small town, but that still not a small accomplishment. So I think we can safely say, you’re not stupid.

OK, so what’s the problem. Well, there are a number of options and none of them add up to your being stupid. From the way you described your study habits, it sounds like you’re working very hard at learning, but you’re not getting the results. So, you’re in college, you have lots of resources at your disposal. Start by finding out if you can get a tutor. See if you can be tested for learning disabilities. Talk to your professor, and see if they have any suggestions.

Is it too late to follow zut’s suggestion and drop the class? How heavy a class load are you trying to take on?

Or is this one of those times when us guys are supposed to say “Gee, I’m sorry to hear that’s happening to you, tell me more” and other quiet supportive noises so you can get this off your chest?


Knock it off. You are NOT stupid. Don’t ever say that again. Just the very fact that you are here hanging out is one indicator that you are in fact SMARTER than the average bear.

I don’t know what the problem with Econ is, but I second zut’s advice above. And I emphasize once more, the Econ tests are NOT IN THEMSELVES a hands-down verdict that you are stupid. You’re not. Stop it. This instant. I mean it now.

Hi, Kremit.

Listen to what zut,dublos, and drpepper said, and stop beating yourself up. That’s not going to help.

Also, look into dropping the class RIGHT NOW. Most places will allow you to drop without penalty in the first 6 weeks or so, but after that you’re stuck with it. Even if you have to take the course for your major, if you are relatively sure it’s a lost cause, DROP IT NOW, and take it again another semester. You don’t want it to destroy your GPA.

I was in a 3 way tie for valedictorian of my high school, and I never had to work very hard to make top grades there. When I hit college, SURPRISE! Instead of being in classes with average folks like I’d been used to, all of a sudden I was in class with lots of other folks who had also been at the top of their classes — and a lot of them had been able to take a lot more advanced coursework than was available in my rural high school.

This left me with a big problem — for the first time in my life, I felt dumb, and I felt like I had to hide it. I had never gotten in the habit of asking questions when I didn’t understand things (I had always understood them before.) I couldn’t bear the thought of going to talk to a professor ( because then he would know my face, and know I was dumb.) On homework assignments, I would sometimes try two or three approaches to a problem, and if I never could work it out, instead of turning it in and letting the professor to see that I had made an honest effort but not been able to figure it out, I opted not to turn it in at all. (Like it was supposed to look better that I was too lazy, or just didn’t give a damn? That really WAS dumb.)

The moral? Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help. With the exception of a few major jerks that you’ll run into from time to time, most professors will work with you, if you take the time to ask.

I find it interesting that your problem is with Econ. There are several subjects that I studied that I termed “polarized” classes — It seemed like either your brain was wired for them, or it wasn’t. I was a mechanical engineering major. I thought Statics was incrediby simple, but a friend of mine (who later changed to elecrical engineering) found it hard to grasp. On the other hand, I tended to get lost in electrical engineering once it got beyond simple circuits. I thought that Econ was duck soup, but several other friends of mine (who I usually looked to for help in other classes) had a hard time grasping the concepts. Don’t let one subject decide for you whether you’re smart or not.

Don’t give up — and do the smart thing and ask for help when you need it. If it comes to the point where you’re on a borderline, a professor will be much more likely to give you the benefit of a doubt if they know you because you’ve made the effort to seek their help (instead of just being some anonymous name on a roll, like I was.)

Good luck!

I’m going through the same thing right now with Calculus II and Physics after having seriously failed the first test in both classes. Today I changed both courses to “credit only”–I still get the hours if I pass, and when I retake the courses I’ll be more comfortable with the material. I understood why I was doing so poorly in Physics–I never even had Physics in high school!–but I didn’t understand why I failed the Calculus test. I had absolutely no problems grasping the material in Calculus I, and I felt pretty good about the new material.

In your case, I agree that you should drop the course. This way you can spend more time with the other courses you’re taking this semester, get your GPA back up, then tackle Econ again with more confidence (and a different professor).

And another thing–you are not stupid. I don’t know what your Mom’s motives were in saying that, but she is very wrong.

Remember: The person who bought the empty playstation box on ebay was stupid. A person who is putting every bit of effort they have (and then some) into succeeding in college is showing an extremely high degree of intelligence.

Hang in there kremit! [hug]

Kremit334 honey baby. I’m your boyfriend and I love you. How many times have I told you that you are not stupid? We already talked about this test hun. If I have to point it out to you again on this messageboard that you are not stupid we are gonna have issues missy :wink: I know what your thinking your so mad that I got through econ without going once. Well honey you can do english soo much better than I can and I continually turn to help for you on it. I’ve really tried helping you with this Econ class I just can’t remember some of the material. I think you should drop the class (gives us more “us” time :smiley: ). Honestly though hun I will help you with whatever way you decide, although I already told you that. I’m just re-hashing so you’ll get it through that oh-so-cute head of yours.

For you info I got my name from a MP3 that I love so much with kermit the frog and Big Bird getting stoned. As well Big Bird goofs up and calls Kermit…Kremit…I thought it was different so I used it.

And as for everyone else thanx for the advise (sorry about putting this in the pit I was just so pissed I felt like it needed to be here, but I guess if all else fails the mods will move it or close it either one). I still dont understand why I cant seem to get the knack for this subject along with some other (like politics) Anyway I should drop it…but then that would mean I would meet defeat. Call me stuborn or what but last semester It beat me with an F and I want revenge…I dont know. All I know is that if I drop this class and the other one I didnt mention then that would again put me more behind than I already am here at BSU.

BTW my econ prof told us from the start it would be pointless for us to go to the tutors they have available because they really dont know shit. What the hell is up with that I say what kind of college lets people tutor who dont know jack about that subject…who know guess that is really another thread.