Why is it that those who have websites with ads don't bother clicking anyone else's?

Now I’m not talking about big commercial websites here. We all know why we don’t click on popup’s at a big commercial site.

But what about when visiting a small site, like a personal website or a blog which is running an Amazon associate or some other ad filler where right clicking on the link might be worth as much as a dime?

I recently became aware of this when becoming part of such a program myself. A thousand impressions was worth 2 cents, a click? I still don’t know, not a single person has clicked on an ad yet. It does not help that my ads are boring. I’ll probably join another program because of that.

Now I don’t expect anyone who does not have a blog or website of their own to care at all about this - but what about those that do? Do you ever click when visiting a site you like or do you blow it off like I used to? :smack:

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I’m not sure I understand the debate, and I certainly wouldn’t qualify it as great. You want to know why people who have websites with ads don’t click on ads on other people’s small sites?

Well, why don’t you start? Why do you think they don’t?

Also, do you even know that this is true? It seems like a blanket generalization. You cite as evidence the fact that no one has clicked on your ads. This is purely anecdotal, and besides, how do you know whether the people who visited your site do indeed have their own sites with ads?

I don’t click on ads because I’m not interested in buying anything through an online ad.

Hey…I have a good idea. Maybe you could get more clicks by linking to your site here. Oh, wait…

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I don’t click on ads for the same reason as sundog66 - I have no wish to buy something via an ad.

That and I don’t trust most click-through ads. Some are okay, but I’ve had bad experiences with ads and spyware and crap, so I’d rather buy through a trusted site than to click through on a random ad on someone’s blog. No offense, most people don’t do it on purpose, but when you’re hosting 3rd party ads there’s no way of telling what’s on the other side.

I own many websites. None of them have ads.

I hate ads to the point where I would suck the cost on my own site just to stop you having to even see, much less click on an ad.

You see the more ads that people click on the more pervasive they become and sooner or later all that you get is ads with no content.

I don’t click on ads on principal.

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