Why is Kevin Costner in so many of my favorite movies?

I don’t dislike Kevin Costner, really. I am, however, surprised that he is involved in so many of my very favorite movies:

The Untouchables
Field of Dreams
Bull Durham

On top of these, I really enjoyed:

No Way Out
A Perfect World
Wyatt Earp

and didn’t hate:

Tin Cup
For the Love of the Game
The War
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Dances with Wolves

He has kind of a bad rap, but his body of work is pretty good. Are his mega-flops (Waterworld, The Postman) overshadowing a pretty good run?

Yeah, I think he got a bad rap because of the stretch where he was making $100 Million+ Epics that everyone knew were poorly conceived from the outset. He’s always selected really good roles and created some outstanding characters overall.

I’m shocked that you omitted JFK and Open Range from your list, two of his very best roles and movies IMHO. Even The Bodyguard was fairly watchable.

JFK was an oversight, you are correct. I’d put that under “Really enjoyed.”
I never saw Open Range. (It doesn’t even ring a bell?)
*The Bodyguard * was watchable.

And Waterworld was so good.

Silverado, Bull Durham, and Field of Dreams were fine movies in which he successfully played variations on the all-American everyman. The flops Waterworld and The Postman, combined with the vastly overrated Dances with Wolves, fostered an image of a narcissist with a messiah complex that was easy to despise and ridicule. He’s not a bad actor, but unfortunately his flops have had a much higher profile than his successes for the most part.

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Open Range was a western that he did with Robert DuVall and a couple other well-known actors (Annette Bening and Michael Gambon). Costner directed.

I didn’t really care for it, and I generally like Westerns. It’s not a bad movie, but it just didn’t click with me.

13 Days and The Upside of Anger are both very good films.
His accent was iffy in the former, but he was great in the later.

I know that’s probably sarcastic, but I was entertained (in a good way) by Waterworld. It was kind of silly, to be sure, but at least it had an interesting vision.

I was watching Robin Hood: POT last night, and apart from the sometimes painfully clunky dialogue, what struck me was Alan Rickman.

Is there such a thing as good overacting? Because whatever it is, Alan Rickman does it with relish. His facial expressions, his quiet malice, his frothing at the mouth…I don’t think a lot of actors can pull that off. I cannot WAIT for Snapes’ death scene in HP and the Deathly Hallows. Alan Rickman is going to sink his teeth into that and not let go.

As for Kevin Costner, I’d read somewhere he was extremely tired when he made POT, which might account for the uneven accent.

You’ve got nothing on me. I don’t mind Waterworld, and I positively like both The Postman and Dragonfly.

Since I recently saw it on DVD, I’ll add Mr. Brooks to the list.

The Postman is one of my favorite movies and I mean that in all seriousness. Costner is awesome and I always have to defend him from people who talk trash about him, which is constantly. They’re just jealous, I think, that they aren’t him.

Another lover of The Postman here. Admittedly, I found the Xerox-salesman-turned-warlord villain a bit more interesting. Will Patton smoothly playing a roll that Dennis Hopper would have overdone (if the movie were lighter in tone, it’d totally be a Dennis Hopper role though).

Also, for what it’s worth, David Brin liked the movie too, though his only part in the production was selling the movie rights, cashing his royalties check, and buying a ticket and some popcorn when it was in the theater.

Me too! Love Giovani Ribisi 's role.

Will Patton is badass, he’s also great in No Way Out (which also has Costner, in the lead role - and an appearance by former presidential contender Fred Thompson, which surprised me the last time I watched it.)

And I really like The Upside of Anger, though Costner’s role was kinda peripheral in that. Joan Allen was outstanding in it.