Why is my home 24 inch harder to look at than my work 21 inch monitor?

At work it’s easy and clear, but at home I find myself squinting to pierce the whiteness and see the words or the buttons. Maybe I have my res too high (1920x1200) but because of the physical size of the monitor that shouldn’t matter.

It is running at 60hz which on a flatscreen shouldn’t matter.

Fluorescent lights at work and incandescents at home, maybe?

Is the brightness set too high on the 24 inch?

I bought a 24 inch for myself a few weeks ago, and both the brightness and contrast settings were set to the maximum straight out of the box. I had to turn both down to about the midpoint before I could actually stand to use the monitor.

It does if it’s not the monitor’s native resolution. Which monitor do you have?

This one…

It looks like a fine monitor. Perhaps you got a warped one.

Is it connected to your computer via analogue or DVI?

Analogue usually provides a slightly lesser quality image, though that depends a lot on the video card, the monitor, and display settings such as smooth fonts.

In any case, DVI would provide the optimum quality image.

Some sites only mention an analogue connector. How good is your video cable? Make sure you’ve got a nice heavy gauge one.

There’s nothing wrong with the image per-se. It’s just that I find the screen hard to look at sometimes, especially when there’s a lot of white on the screen.

I’ll try lowering the brightness when I get home.

I have an Acer AL2216Wbd Black 22" and find myself browsing the internet on the smaller monitor in my dual screen setup. This just happened naturally and I hadn’t given it any thought.

Checking now, the contrast is quite significant. The white is practically eyeball searing compared to my other monitor. It looks great for gaming, so I’m not going to tinker with it. But in your case you might consider adjusting the brightness or contrast.

I’ve changed the font DPI to ‘large’, which makes things easier to see and use, but might take some getting used to the loss of screen ‘real estate’