Why is my nose tingling?

This is weird. For the past 24 hours or more my nose feels like someone is tickling it. It’s not inside the nose, it’s on the exterior skin, just up from the tip. It feels as if someone is tickling it with a feather, or I have a hair constantly brushing against it, and it’s driving me mad. There’s nothing there - I’ve washed it, rubbed it, inspected it in the mirror and there’s no visible blemish. Just a constant tickle. Any ideas?

I tried Googling the symptom and found a few vague suggestions of nerve irritation related to dental problems, but AFAIK I don’t have any problems with my teeth. The only other thing I can think of is that I have been very short of sleep recently, but that’s hardly unusual.

When I have had that unusual feeling, it’s because there’s a damned ZIT a-borning in that area. One of those big, hard, nuclear-waste type monsters.

I am almost SIXTY (God forbid!) and I still get breakouts. I’m tempted to show my driver’s license to my skin, sometimes and say, “Grow UP!”

And no, it’s not rosacea. It’s plain, ordinary “acne vulgaris.”

When I get that feeling, it’s a zit trying to arise, or a a nose hair that’s tickling, or a damned cat hair in my nose.

Tweezers to the rescue, in every instance.

Is it possible some kind of bug laid eggs in your nose and the newly emerged larvae are digging their way out? Of course it’s possible.

Try an antihistamine if the other suggestions don’t work. I’ve gotten that feeling with a zit coming up, with something fuzzy stuck inside my nose, and when my allergies are really acting up. The whole tip of my nose is also redder than usual (not just a spot) if it is allergies.

How do tweezers help a zit that has yet to appear? Unless you gouge them into your skin?

Last time my nose did that, it was from the percocet they gave me in the ER. That was weird.

I bring the zit to a head and pluck out the hair that’s almost always in the middle of it. Then I use the tweezers to pop out any pus, which usually exits from the follicle.

Is your real name Ralph Dibny?

I have a similar tickling on my face above my lip. Thread I started soliciting opinions. The best answer that I got was that nerves in the face are numerous and close together and these things happen.