Why is my thumb too fat to work an iPhone?

Is there some ideal circumference, radius, or size of whatever you use to operate an iPhone?

I notice that for very small buttons that I need to press, I cannot use my thumb. Even if I use the edge of my thumb, it’s still to fat. My index finger is barely enough and I have to just gingerly tap it. Just about the only thing my thumb can do is scroll.

I run into the same thing on my droid incredible, if I’m holding it upright. best I can guess is that the side of my thumb is being picked up by the touch screen before the tip. in landscape mode it’s less of an issue.

I’ve got pretty fat stubby fingers (the center of my thumb is as wide as 5 adjacent keys on the keyboard) and I had problems when I got my first iPhone – but I’ve been helping friends with their new phones this week and several have commented, and I have to admit it’s true, that I’ve actually gotten pretty good with practice. Auto-correct helps a bit, though you have to pay attention before you hit “send.”

I talking about stuff like clicking on an icon or side-to-side scrolling. Typing I haven’t even attempted yet, since I can’t even do the icons.

I use my index finger for opening apps, or using the phone or iPod player. I only use my thumbs for typing, and I’m getting pretty adept at that, as I am using my iPhone in bed right now.