Why is North Korea so utterly irresistible to proselytizing Christians?

You’d think by now people would know enough to leave the Bibles at home, but no… gotta drop a Bible on the Best Koreans.

U.S. Tourist Jeffrey Fowle Was Detained In North Korea For Leaving Bible In A Bathroom

To a committed Christian, how could you not? There’s a huge number of miserable people who are going to hell; how could a good “real” Christian turn away from that? Lots of people to save, or at least console with the Word. I’ll give 'em credit for guts, if not sense.

(Atheist here, but really seems obvious to me)

I can see a devout Christian feeling that North Korea is one of the places that most needs salvation.

There is a bright side with a happy ending, too. North Korea catches them and executes them.

People who go on overseas missionary adventures are by definition narcissists with martyr complexes. I’m surprised there aren’t more of these twerps arrested in NK every year.

Missionaries have also done quite well in South Korea over the past few decades, so there probably is the idea that the folks up north would be receptive too if they can just get to them.

You are one grumpy old man, aren’t you? :eek:

Because the population is susceptible to indoctrination and currently a blank slate as far as religion is concerned.


Well, if you got a whole nation that believes their (former) dear leader sunk 18 holes in one, getting them to believe all the crazy stories in the bible shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

“Amen” to all the above. There have always been zealous adherents of “missionary creeds” of all kinds – including secular ones --who have felt called to go to spread their particular “word” in places particularly hostile to it; taking great, sometimes suicidal, risks to do so. However demented one may consider these folk, ridiculing and belittling them seems mean-spirited.

I’m not a believer but this post is rather offensive, I really hope you are joking

Do a search on username.

… assuming of course that these missionaries are true believers, and not secret service agents.

‘Over the past few decades’ ???

Korea, north and south had a substantial local Christian church before the Japanese occupation. It was associated with the resistance movement, and in North Korea was suppressed by the communists with the usual brutality.

But then they start screaming bloody murder for rescue once they get arrested. “Tough shit,” I say. They went into North Korea knowing that could happen, and it did. Let them live with the consequences of their choice.

Isn’t there probably some confirmation bias here as well, in that a missionary being caught and punished by NK is more likely to make the news than a missionary going to any other country and going about their business? In other words, we have no real evidence that more missionaries go to NK than any other particular country.

I read the OP not as
“Why do SO MANY proselytizing Christians go to NK?!”
but as
“Why do ANY proselytizing Christians go to NK - haven’t you idiots leaned YET?!”

Perhaps what we’re noticing is a sort of natural, or maybe even Darwinian, selection in Christian missionaries. Which strikes me as sort of ironic.


Their country, their rules. But what’s with Christian Controversy always occurring at places with snicker-worthy names?