Why is Pelosi planning on visiting Taiwan?

All I see are articles about the planned visit, and about China’s threats of vague retaliatory measures if she does, but I haven’t seen a clear reason why she’s going there.

With all the tensions with Russia due to the Ukraine invasion, sky rocketing prices for oil and everything else, do we really need one more source of international tension right now?

As Speaker of the House, she is obliged to visit friendly countries and allies of the US from time to time. She was going to be in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by. What’s wrong with that?

She’s going to emphasis the U.S.'s relationship with and recognition of Taiwan as China ramps up its anti-Taiwan rhetoric and builds its military up in the region. It’s similar to the ‘freedom of navigation’ exercises the U.S. does, sailing ships without permission through waters that China declares as their own but international law says otherwise.

I’m not sure the trip was necessarily a good idea at this time, but once it was leaked and the Chinese started issuing threats it became mandatory, IMO. To back out now would be to concede that China has a right to control Taiwan.

The trip carries risks, both diplomatically to the U.S. and physically to Pelosi. But not going carries even more risks to the U.S. Kudos to her for continuing with it.

To me, it’s unnecessary at a time when things are on fire.

It’s like having a crazy neighbor who tells you “don’t eat watermelon on your porch or I’ll shoot you”. Sure, it’s your porch and you should be able to eat whatever you want on your porch, but planning to do so at a time when there was just an earthquake that damaged part of your house, there’s constant rain that’s causing flooding in your area, and you need to check into the hospital for a health issue, well maybe this is not the right time to assert your right to eat whatever the fuck you want on your own porch.

There’s a place and a time for standing your ground on things.

Except maybe you attend to those other issues you’re facing and when you return to your door, you now find your crazy neighbor owns your front porch.

Next month you will not be allowed to eat bacon in your kitchen.

Setting clear boundaries is most important when ‘things are on fire’. If we are willing to fight for Taiwan, the best time to make China understand that is before they decide to start military operations. Backing down under a threat could make them decide we are weak and cause them to escalate their activities. Pelosi’s visit is a rather mild way to do that.

Neither path is without risks, but there are no longer risk-free options. We are living in a much more dangerous world than we were two years ago.

I’m not sure, despite having posted before that she shouldn’t go.

From a pro-Taiwan standpoint, if she doesn’t go, in an obvious response to PRC threats, the U.S. would probably find some more concrete way to show solidarity with Taiwan, such as selling them more first line jet fighters.

If she does go, and China backs down, doing nothing, the U.S. might go the other way and reward China a bit. Xi is a smart guy, and the smart move is for him to ignore Pelosi. But I doubt he’s that smart (or that independent of internal hawks).

Ghost of Chamberline is rolling over in his grave. Holy Shit, Sam Stone and I agree on something!

Are we China’s bitch? After tossing down the Chinese gauntlet, if Nancy doesn’t go, then the US might as well roll out the welcome mat for Chinese continued expansion in the S China Sea, the Himalaya’s, and heck why not bring vassal state Korea back into the fold?

Definately don’t want to wait for China to attempt an invasion to send a message.

Regardless, Taiwan ain’t the Ukraine. Taiwan has been preparing for a Chinese invasion since 1949. And there are plenty of Taiwanese still alive that didn’t care for the last time the mainland invaded (1945-1949 by the KMT). And there is an ocean to cross. AND my own pet theory is that Taiwan has the bomb and if nothing else my beloved Shanghai will become a radioactive wasteland. I see rhetoric and saber rattling to scare off the “paper tiger.”

I’m sure also some discussion about semi-conductors given that the US just passed a bill designed to reduce dependence on foreign suppliers (Taiwan).

Every now and then, some U.S. dignitaries/Congressmen will visit Taiwan as a show of support. Pelosi would be the highest-ranking Congressperson to do so.

Honestly, it would have been even more ideal for Biden himself to have visited. Beijing would melt down even harder but would have a much harder time making a credible threat against Air Force One than Pelosi’s plane.

Hitler was actively engaging or planning to engage in hostilities and taking over other countries, and people could see that, so Chamberline‘s proposed appeasement was a bad idea.

If I’m not mistaken China is not actively engaging or planning to engage in hostilities and taking over other countries, so the “provocation” of visiting Taiwan is coming solely from the US

I understand China is doing some shady shit in the South China Sea, but are we expecting them to start a war of expansion if not stopped, like Germany in 1939 was planning? Maybe the answer is yes, in which case any appeasement is bad. I don’t think so, but any info to the contrary would be great to know.

Having said that, now that Pelosi announced the trip, it’s maybe not a good idea for the US to back down. My main point was why plan the trip in the first place? Are we seeing imminent movements from China to take over Taiwan and so this was a good time to show that we will support them?

You posted one clear reason yourself and didn’t even see it.

Kowtowing to bullies just gets you kicked in the head.

So, just like China, then…or has the Tibetan occupation ended and I didn’t hear about it?

This visit wouldn’t normally receive much attention. I’m surprised China doesn’t simply ignore it. The State Dept has made it clear there’s no change in policy. US politicians should visit Taiwan and show our continued support.

The US certainly can’t allow itself to be bullied or intimidated. The visit has to take place now.

The most troubling thing for me is the loss of respect. The US interests in the Pacific have been important since WWII. We have to show strength and leadership as a major power. We have strong trade and defense ties with Japan, S Korea, Phillipines, Singapore, and other Countries.

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I don’t understand why people and Biden himself think the Chinese might do something like shoot down her visiting jet over this.

If the Chinese just decided to deliberately peace-time shoot-down the #3 (or #4) person in the US Government just to prove a point that’s a level of escalation I don’t think has ever happened in the past 150 years.

Pelosi has safely landed in Taiwan. Now we just have to see what the medium-term Chinese response will be.

China should have ignored the trip. By threatening and failing to stop it, China has hurt itself. It remains to be seen how they respond to that.

I agree. If we plan of defending Taiwan (which I feel we should) we’re better off making this clear to China before an invasion rather than fighting them after an invasion.

Is an invasion imminent?

I believe in a post-Ukraine environment anything is possible especially since experts were predicting Russia wouldn’t invade because they had nothing to gain.

I don’t have any special insight into what the Central Military Commission is planning. My personal speculation is that an invasion is not imminent. I feel the Chinese government is watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine and will adjust its future plans for Taiwan based on what happens there.

Another personal speculation is that China does not have Taiwan at the top of its priority list. I feel they will carry out other “border adjustments” in areas like the South China Sea, where the stakes are lower and they’re less likely to face major international opposition. This will let them build up some precedents in low-stake situations before tackling the high-stake situation of invading Taiwan.