Why is Rhodesia called Rhodesia

With extra points if you know where this question comes from. :rolleyes:

Are you asking a question you already know the answer to?

It isn’t.

When it was, it was named for that other Cecil. The one with the scholarship program. :confused:

No idea why you’re asking, so no extra points for me.

WAG: Named for Cecil Rhodes.

Alternative WAG: Named for the Rhododendron?


First off, there were two Rhodesias (North and South), and both have changed their names. Northern Rhodesia has been Zambia since 1964, Southern Rhodesia has been Zimbabwe since 1980.

Both Rhodesias were named after mining tycoon/politician Cecil Rhodes, whose Cape Company had taken control of these areas from the indigenous population around 1890.

And, no, I don’t know where this comes from.

Hasn’t been since 1980.

Yes, the correct answer is that it was named for Cecil Rhodes. It’s now Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What is Jeopardy?

I have a memory of a male British voice asking “why is Rhodesia called Rhodesia,” I want to say it’s from an episode of Monty Python but I can’t recall which one.

So let’s Google.

Ah. It’s from season 4, the “Most Awful Family in Britain” sketch. Leading me to believe this is a misplaced Cafe Society thread.

I do not know the answer to this question. Yes, the question was asked in a comedy sketch, and that’s partly why I’m asking, but I really would like to know the answer (which is why this is here and not in “Cafe Society”).

And now back to the thread.

Do you mean:

  • you don’t know why you are asking this question?
  • you don’t know if you know the answer?
  • you don’t know it isn’t called Rhodesia any more?
  • you don’t know it was originally named after Cecil Rhodes?


All the answers have been given already.
Why are you not reading the thread?

When I wrote the second post, the question had not been answered, but by the time it made it to the website, there had been several answers. Guess I don’t type fast enough.

You are confused, so I’ll explain it to you.

The question was originally posed in a Monty Python sketch (as was mentioned earlier). Michael Palin repeatedly asks the question “Why is Rhodesia called Rhodesia?” Having just seen the sketch again last night, I posed the same question here. Yes, I know it isn’t called Rhodesia anymore, and if I had known it was named after Cecil Rhodes, I wouldn’t have asked the question.

So why exactly are you confused? Did the Monty Python reference throw you off?

The OP should be arrested for violated the Strange Thread Act.

I really didn’t want to come in here and just quote a line from the Monty Python sketch in question, but on the other hand…

“I’ve run out of beans!”

It’s a fair cop. (sticks hands out and awaits handcuffs)

D’ya wanna come back to my place?

All right, gentlemen, that’ll do. Get a room over in MPSIMS or something. :wink:

It took you 16 minutes to type your reply?!

I’m not confused.
If you read the thread, you’ll see why I asked the questions.

16 Minutes? I wasn’t sitting there with a stopwatch, but things come up. I apologize for the posting mistake, but you might want to leave the SDMB policing duties to the moderators.

Time to put this thread to rest.

They certainly do, and I’m not criticising you for that.
I was criticising you for not reading your own thread before calling me ‘confused’.

Apology accepted. :slight_smile:

And ‘closing a thread’ is, of course, an SDMB policing duty.
You might want to leave that to the moderators. :stuck_out_tongue: