Why is Safari hanging up?

The last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that YouTube occasionally hangs up Safari. I get the beach ball, and eventually I have to do a hard restart. I clear cache frequently, and I have about 5 GB remaining on my hard drive.

What’s going on?

What version of Adobe Flash do you have installed? Try updating Flash.

What version of Safari do you have installed? Try updating Safari.

Safari 4.0.4. Actually, the problem started when I installed the upgrade.

I’ve upgraded (or reinstalled – I don’t know which) Flash Player 10.

Do you have the Flash 10.1 beta? It’s faster on my MacBook, but it has hung on some videos and Flash ads occasionally.

If you have a Mac, you should definitely consider installing clicktoflash. Clicktoflash automatically loads YouTube videos in better quality h.264 format, not flash.
It’s main purpose is to disable all flash from loading in a web page, which is a good thing, but it also has a convenient whitelist for sites you visit often that unfortunately need flash to function.
Considering how lousy an experience all things flash can be (particularly on a Mac), clicktoflash will soon become your best friend. You will want to get it flowers and chocolate on valentines day.