Why is the Mayor's Race in February?

Is this a Chicago thing? A traditional date?

Are all the other city officials up for election too?

I’m used to elections in November, unless it’s a special election. Just curious. :wink:

wikipedia doesn’t comment on why an election is in Feb.

I have no idea why. However, it should be noted that there are many candidates and a winner needs 50% of the vote; the election is non-partisan (no parties are listed for any candidates.) If no one candidate receives enough votes, the run-off election is in April.

The February elections are also for city council. I have been getting non-stop robocalls from my alderman, Joe Moore. If I didn’t already despise him it would be enough to turn me against him.

I’m getting robo-calls *and *real live calls. They have a good ground game going.

All elected city offices are up for re-election, right? That’s why it’s a municipal election.

Maybe Chicago elections are held in February because the ground is at its most frozen. Minimizes the Dead vote.

The ones from Rahm Emmanuel must be hilarious - at least the ones I imagine.

“Hey, you fucking retard, get off your fucking ass and vote for me. Wake up your fucking stupid friends and make them do it too. Don’t make me fucking come over there, you fucking cocksucker…”


It’s an Illinois thing. Municipal elections in Illinois have been held in spring for more than 100 years. If they were held in November, they would be drowned in the hubbub surrounding state and national elections.

Nowadays we could avoid this problem by holding municipal elections in November of odd-numbered years. New York does this. However, this wasn’t always possible in the past; until the 1920’s, Chicago wards had two aldermen serving staggered two-year terms, so there were aldermanic elections every year. (Oh joy!) So the only way never to conflict with state elections was to move to spring.

The move to two-round elections required the first round to be held in February so the second round could be held in April. Originally the first round was a partisan primary, since the 1920’s (for Chicago aldermen) and the 1990’s (for the mayor) the first round has been a general election, with the second round a runoff.

The mayor, clerk, treasurer, and all 50 alderman are up for election.