Why is the member list disabled?


Members only. :confused:

There’s members, and then there’s members.
I probably shouldn’t say this, but it depends on how much Single Malt and / or chocolate you’ve sent a certain admin.

Aaaaaaand for a serious (if not 100% guaranteed accurate) answer…

Probably bandwidth, like just about everything else.

I find that very hard to believe.

Not so much band width as server stress. ANYTHING that can be done to make it easier on the server and the system to do the simple tasks that are imperative for the Board to function is done, short of disabling the search function (don’t laugh, I participate on a meassage board where that’s exactly what they have done to avoid having to expend significant money to upgrade servers). :eek:

Wow, that seems such a petty measure to save bandwidth. Like turning off your car stereo to save gas.

Somewhere there was a prior question or 3 on this subject. I thought the lack of a list was for privacy reasons.

The member list was on briefly when we went live on the new server this year. I cannot locate my thank you thread on it at the time, but there was a brief explanation on why they quickly turned it off at the time.


We have kept the member directory turned off for a lot of years now, as it was felt that personal privacy was the issue; we didn’t want the member list to be harvested by spammers, that sort of thing.

We also wished to give people privacy; not everyone wants to chat with folks online.

This was also our first consideration when we decided not to activate the “Who’s Online” feature; again, to give people privacy.

Bandwidth was a secondary issue but we have tended to run as lean as possible to facilitate reading and writing of posts, that’s first on the list.