Why is the sound of fingernails scraping a blackboard so annoying?

Well I used to be annoyed to but during my engineering studies, I had to work on grinding/milling/filing. The annoyance dissapeared then.

Some people find tactile feedback keyboards noisy but to me its a bit nostalgic!. But still late at night it seems a bit loud to me

Nagendra Pratap Singh

I love tactile keyboards – there’s something deeply satisfying about that clean “click-click-pop” when you get up to a good speed.

I’m still looking for an input device that gives annoying Star Trek type sounds. You’d think after 300 years, they would create a less obnoxious and intrusive group of sounds.

To the OP, welcome to the Dope. Hope to see you soon in some of the other forums. You’ve obviously already familiarised yourself with the place.