Why is there no Blu-Ray DVD reader for a PC?

Yes, I know that *burners * exist. Let’s assume that since the burners start at about $450, then a reader would be significantly less. I only need the reader portion and don’t want to spend that much for a drive. Does anyone know of a reader on the horizon from any company?

Maybe you could buy a player and watch the disc on your tv? Don’t mean to sound sarcastic (ok, I did, but no offense meant), but I don’t think there is much of a market YET for playing but not burning.

Here’s a press release on one such drive:

The deal with those things is that they’re literally filled with DRM, to the point that it’ll scan your PC to see if it’s got the right hardware to ensure you “can’t” (i.e. it’s difficult until someone comes out with a hack [which they have]) play DRM’d content on your machine. And it’ll (or more correctly, the software that comes with it) scan every component of your system, and if just one of them isn’t right it won’t let you play protected content. Because otherwise you’d be burning up the intarwebs with 50+ Gig files of movies that you ripped to your harddrive. :rolleyes:

Supposedly, Macs are going to start shipping with Blu-Ray drives in the near future, but given how much Jobs seems to dislike DRM, I can’t see that happening, but I’ve been wrong before.


$889 via a wholesale only vendor

oh…nm player only…