Why is there no lightning/thunder during blizzards?


There is, sometimes.

It’s rare, but it does happen

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Up here in the frozen white north of MN, we call these incidents “thundersnow.” It’s rare, but it does happen. We had some earlier this winter.

I don’t know that it’d happen in a full on blizzard, though, but I suppose it’s possible.

We call it ‘thundersnow’ here in MO, too. It’s very, very dangerous–one second, it’s snowing nicely, the nighttime sky is glowing eerily, and the wind is fairly calm. Then there’s a crack of thunder that seems to rip through everything. The next second, all you can see is white, white, white.

That one brought tremendous winds and dumped over 16 inches on us, so I guess it was part of a blizzard.

We had thundersnow in Ireland just last week. It’s not the first time I’ve experienced it. It seems to happen when moist cold air comes in from the north-east over the sea.

Yep, it happened a time or two last winter. It’s weird.

It’s weird, but so cool!

Obligatory Lewis Black moment.