why is there no pop-culture wordlet for "www."?

Our culture is awash in pseudo-words and short forms for so many words and concepts these days, and the ever-lovin internet makes it so much easier for these things to fly around and gain acceptance…

It occured to me today that no-one (that I know of) has come up with a corruption for “double-you-double-you-double-you-dot”. Wow. I mean, that’s 10 syllables which many of us often use in conversation, biz etc. What a lot of wasted breath!

So I have racked my brains for a good candidate but so far have come up dry. The best I have been able to do are “twibble-you-dot”, and “wibbly-dot” since I once came across a fellow who called the web the “wibbly wobbly way” and it really stuck in my head for some reason.

:rolleyes: Now, I freely admit these are baaaaad suggestions. They will never catch on, not jazzy enough, very poor production values ([red dwarf]it will just be another full triple rimmer salute[/red dwarf]).

I happen to know that it’s a clever bunch around here. So, what can you come up with?

OR (horrors! :eek: ) is there one (or more) in common parlance to which I have not yet cottoned?

p.s. I went through this once before trying to come up with a “cheez” word for meat. i.e. cheese is to cheez as meat is to ? Couldn’t come up with much that time either…best I could do was “meatz” and that sounds immediately like a doggy treat and thus has limited utility…

One of my cow-orkers uses “dub-dub-dub” which annoys me greatly but so far has no caught on.

Well, there was dub-dub-dub, but it didn’t catch on.

How about “tri-dub?”

Threedub? Tresdub?

Ooh! Triple simulpost! Was it good for you guys too?


Well, www has become so pop-culture-ish in and of itself that, despite the massive amounts of syllables it has, it can be said at almost any rate of speech and still be instantly understood.

Most folks I know have simply stopped saying it.

A local radio personality here uses “Three dubs dot com.” I’m hoping it will catch on. A lot easier to say.




I think that the reason nothing has caught on is because it’s easier to just omit the www part and refer to the web site as Business.com or School.edu, or Nonprofit.org, etc. I think most people just assume the www part at this point.

I meant to say in my post that I always found it ironic that we came up with a nine-syllable abbreivation for a three-syllable phrase.

How about “web-dot”. At least it’s fast, and doesn’t sound very silly…


It’s not even really necessary. Just say your business is called foo. You can just tell people to go to “foo dot com” or “foo dot net,” etc. Then you can set up your webserver so that http://foo.com and http://www.foo.com both point to the same site.

Like Microsoft:

There might be some technical reason why that’s not efficient, but I’m not really sure.

As for dropping the www altogether, that would mean that I couldn’t simply type “foo” into IE’s address bar and press Ctrl-Enter to get to http://www.foo.com. That little trick saves me many keystrokes, but doesn’t work on sites that don’t have the www or the com.

I’ve heard “triple double-you” and “double-you cubed”, but both sound awkward.

I think something like “we three” or “wah three” might work.

As I’m sure some have noted by now, assuming the “www” works less and less well as time marches on. Quite a few sites do not use the triple-w prefix, such as the one you’re on right now.