Why Is This Song Line Dirty?

I was reading a book on flop Broadway musicals and it says:

OK a little help?

Show and year?

It sounds like the ‘‘salt shaker’’ might’ve been a tad phallic for her liking?

It’s a carpe diem statement - I wanna party while I still got some partyin’ left in me. Seems obvious…?

Maybe it was just because it’s such a terrible lyric.

But “shaker” could refer to the same thing as the later “shake your booty.”

It means she wants to get fucked a lot. Some people consider “fucked” to be dirty.

Jennie - 1963


You use your hand to move the shaker up and down and then a white substance spews out the top?


I think it’s a meant like “sow your wild oats” which I guess she was uncomfortable with. Clearly it was a different time :slight_smile:

It means Mary Martin needed to get laid. JOKING

Seriously, it’s like the others said, it’s about being decadent.