why is TP made from 100% post consumer materials always rough

Is it not possible to make pillowy soft tissue paper from post consumer fiber? One might draw the conclusion that its cheaper for paper companies to use clearcut virgin forest (I live next to one of Kimberley Clark’s clearcuts) so they intentionally make the recycled stuff rougher to discourage purchase…

Anyone know the deal on this?

It is made from other paper product waste accumulated durning the product manufacturing process. It’s not something recovered at waste treatment facility for a town. It can be soft or like sand paper depending on how much the buyer is willing to shell out. They could use 100% new trees and it will come down to the same thing. Some places won’t pay the extra for soft T.P.

The OP specified 100% post-consumer, so it is reclaimed somehow from the waste treatment from a town (presumably via separate collection). Though it was not, of course, toilet paper in its previous incarnation.

I use Marcal Brand. It is soft and septic safe and 100% post consumer materials.
It is possible it is regional only. I think they go nationwide however as OfficeMax carries it.


Actually according to their own chart the TP is only 40% post consumer, so 60% must be manufacturers recycled.


why is TP made from 100% post consumer materials always rough

Tissue Paper?

I thought you wanted to ask about “BF,” Bung Fodder, i.e. what you feed a bung aka Twalet Papier)

Does TP refer to toilet paper or Times-Picayune (the New Orleans newspaper)? They both have the same uses, except the Times-Picayune is made from recycled toilet paper.

Anyway, just my comment on toilet paper, I find that when toilet paper is pillowy-soft, it loses its effectiveness. Although I don’t particularly like that sandpaper feel of recycled toilet paper, toilet paper should have some texture to it.

Ok I was a bit off, but not way off. Recycled paper is manufacturing trimmings and can contain post consumer waste. Post consumer waste is never from a waste treatment plant. Post consumer waste is shreded papers and cardboard from recycling centers.

Well…I for one would be happy to pay a premium for 100% post consumer toilet paper that was pillowy soft, and that goes for facial tissues as well…so if any mega forest destructo mavins are present…take heed!