Why is TSD timemark off by an hour?

The bottom of my TSD screen claims that times are shown as GMT -5 hours, when they are clearly GMT -4 hours and presumably will be for the next 38 1/2 hours (approx.). Why can’t they do it right? It can’t be that hard.

Mine says:

All times are GMT. The time now is 11:13 PM.
Which, although 10 minutes behind, seems pretty accurate to me.
(unless the central time zone isn’t GMT -6 right now for some reason)

Off to ATMB.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

Central Standard Time is GMT -6. Central Daylight Time is GMT -5. Unless you’re in one of the enlightened corners that doesn’t practice DST, the central time zone is, indeed, not GMT -6 right now.

“All times are GMT-6 hours.” That’s what it says here. The hour is correct, for CDT, although the minutes are about 12 behind. Go figger.

mine’s off by an hour too. i have to choose a different timezone/country instead of where i am to balance it out.