Why is vomit in movies always white?

Okay, it’s been a while, but as a kid, I threw up a good deal. Probably not anymore than most kids, but I’d say I threw up a lot. As an adult, it’s been a lot less frequent, but the one thing I’ve never done is puked white. Yet, in movies, whenever someone vomits, it’s always white. What’s the deal with that?

When I rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide, it looks really, really gross. Maybe it’s an easy way to fake it.
Frankly, I never paid much attention to movie regurgitation. :slight_smile:

Whan Gene Kelly Danced in Singing in the Rain, the rain was mixed with milk. It showed up on film.
Perhaps the same with barf.

In The Exorcist Linda Blair puked pea soup. Wasn’t white.

I saw Noah Wylie (of Dr. Carter fame) on Conan O’Brien once, and he was discussing the frequent vomiting scenes on ER. Apparently they use some sort of milled rice drink called Orchata as the vomit substitute. Not the greatest marketing moment for the folks at Orchata, but perhaps this product is white and is commonly used in Hollywood?

in the Jackass movie, the vomit was orange.:smiley:
…Oh, wait…nevermind

Horchata is not a brand like Kool-Aid. It’s more like saying lemonaid or tea.
Horchata is a rice beverage that looks like for all practical purposes, milk.
It is very similar to the product “Rice Dream”.

Why they would use that is beyond me. Shouldn’t vomit be chunky?

Depends, really. I’ve had non-chunky vomit.

Don’t ask.

They could make it red, but that would look kinda gross.

And white vomit isn’t kinda gross? :dubious:

I’ve had non-chunky vomit and seen others have it too. Grape juice, in my case; and I saw Coca-Cola on an empty stomach come back up once. Not pretty.

I agree with the showing up better on film suggestion, it might also avoid the “what did you eat?” question that would follow a vivid colored purge.

I saw Noah Wylie on some other talk show and he said for the live show when the bum threw up on him, they used Campbell’s Chunky Soup, put through a blender. It was definitely brown and kinda chunky in that episode, but the actor didn’t spit it out from his mouth, it was expelled from a tube in his sleeve. The guy put his hands up to his mouth and it came out in a stream.

Broodha dons Groucho-classes, a bushy wig, and a trenchcoat…

When I saw “The Banger Sisters”…

Broodha takes a deep breath and regains his composure…

Well now that I have that out in the open, I can mention that Susan Sarandon’s daughter in the movie (a Julia Stiles look-alike) vomits all over Goldie Hawn’s (and Geoffrey Rush’s) hotel bed. It is a purply red substance, quite recognizable for those who have had a bad experience with red wine (or kids who drank grape juice when they had the chicken pox).

The reason I noticed it was because it is indeed SO unusual. I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s not your typical movie vomit!”

Well, it’s not your typical movie either…

*Broodha mumbles…[i/]: two hours of my life that I’ll never get back…

Don’t you know movie characters never eat anything but mashed potatoes and egg noodles?

Mister Creosote wasn’t vomiting white.

And I really wish I hadn’t opened this thread.

In college I saw a talk by none other than director John Waters, who stated that in his opinion, every movie should have at least one vomit scene. His technique, as I recall, was something along the lines of “open a can of creamed corn, have the actor get a mouthful, roll the cameras, spew it out.”

Hey, creamed corn is kinda white-ish looking…

If I recall correctly, in the movie “Stand By Me” from Stephen King’s story “The Body,” there was a nasty scene involving some bright purple vomit at a pie eating contest. That was perhaps the hardest-to-watch vomit scene of all time, as about 50 different people vomit back to back to back…

I’m getting a little queasy just thinking about it.

Yeah but it was a great scene. First time a movie almost made me vomit.