Why isn't there a NASCAR racing game for the Wii?

EA Sports makes a NASCAR video game for PlayStation and XBox. That is, a simulation of actual NASCAR racing on actual NASCAR tracks.
They make this for Wii. It’s kind of fun, but it’s a cartoon game. I’d like to try something more realistic.

So how come I can’t get it for my chosen game system? Does EA have any plans to make a Wii version? Seems like this would be a perfect fit for the Wii Wheel…

I think a clue can be found in the fact that EA didn’t release a “real” version of Madden for the Wii until this year. I’m guessing they want to create a control scheme for the Wii that meshes with the realism they want to convey.

Total WAG, YMMV, IANA EA Game Developer.

Actually it would be easy to make a NASCAR game controller. Just gather up all the defective ones that only work to the left.

Nice, but why bother with the controller? Just write a ‘turn left’ macro.