Why isn't this threadshitting

In this thread, Czarcasm posts this in response to the OP

It would seem to be a classic case; it was in MPSIMS, it was the very first response and it was mocking the OP.

A clarification from a mod would be nice. And, yes, I reported it back when it was posted.


As a mod of that forum, I agree with you that it crosses the line into threadshitting some.

I didn’t see the original report when it came in. I went back to look right now and you’re right, it was reported. My apologies for not seeing it.

In the mods slight defense however, a lot of us (myself included) have been really busy as of late or had some real life things to deal with (and all seemingly at the same time, too) and not had as much attention to give to every report. I think it may be a classic example of “someone else will probably see to it” and then nobody winds up seeing to it.

We’re in the process of doing something about it.

In my defense…I’ve got nothing. I probably misread the OP badly.

I was going to defend **Czarcasm **and say he didn’t mean “Why would [SDMB posters] care about this?” but rather “Why would [people in the real world, whom the OP referred to in the last line caring about this] care about this?”

…which could, with generous intent, mean “OP, could you explain more who you imagine might care about this, as you mentioned in the last line of your OP?”

But I guess **Czarcasm **just snarked (and all over the carpet).

Actually, that was exactly what I meant…but it’s still no excuse.

I submit that a substantial, no, SUBSTANTIAL, cash award be given to Idle Thought to rectify the situation.

In what way, specifically? What, beyond the Mod Note already given, would you have them do?

Oh boy. You know we can get very creative.

No doubt whatsoever. :smiley:

Force you to mod the Barnhouse?

8th Amendment dude, be reasonable.

I was thinking something reasonable-like being tarred and feathered, or drawn and quartered…or both, even.


We can take you down to the Barnhouse and pluck some chickens and hitch up the horses. Should be ready in an hour or so.

Well, I wasn’t gonna make soldiers live there with him. Oh, wait…

Thank you very much for your response. Overall, you guys do a great job and I appreciate your service.

I was kind of looking at the* cash award* that I had mentioned. And, I’m talking some hefty dinero. (sp?)

Hefty dinero? You mean like those Rai stones they use on Yap? Or did you mean Hefty bags? 'Cause I don’t know about you, but my garbage bag budget isn’t all that large.

For this, Czarcasm is assigned to a six-month stint tending the official SDMB goats and squids.

I’ve searched the rules and find no mention of thread urinating. Has it just not been a problem, or is the act intentionally permitted?

Can we make him clean the barrel too? 'Cause I think the smell is scaring off the better class of newbies.