Why isn't Yasir Arafat arrested or exiled?

Yasir Arafat has often been implicated in terrorism, but why is he not being punished? Why can’t Israel use a Napoleon solution and sent him off to a remote island? Why can’t he be arrested and tried in an Israeli court? Considering that he is the representative of a country which doesn’t exist, can’t Israel claim that he is within their jurisdiction?


better the devil you know?

I’m not taking sides - I don’t have one. To me both sides are as bad as each other. One is occupying a foreign country and the other doesn’t seem all that interested in diplomatic resolutions &/ or targeted military (and not civilian) reprisals :(.

Sorry, but Palestine does exist according to the UN, and that is as good as real.

Tell it to the UN.


Palestine is not listed [though this list is dated 2000].

IFAIK Palistine has a Permanent Observer to the UN, not a Representative.

Arafat was invited back by Israel when they set up the Palestinian Authority to allow Arabs to have a bit of self rule in the Occupied Territories. For all the talk, he is considered a moderate

Arafat does not have the internal backing, or even enough military power to force other Palestinians to obey him. He really can’t do anything about the terrorist attacks.

The UN Security Council called for a Israeli troop withdrawl. According to bloomberg UN resolution. Clearly, the UN condones the attack on Arafat’s HQ and would presumeably have an even stronger reaction to his arrest or exile.

I doubt there’s a factual answer to this question, so I’ll ship this thread over to Great Debates.

If you believe that Arafat should be summarily arrested or exiled for being “implicated in terrorism”, then I guess that means it would also be justified to arrest and exile Ariel Sharon, George W. Bush, and every other living American president for that matter. :rolleyes:

Cite for President Bush being “implicated in terrorism”, please.

Ditto for Messrs. Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton.
:rolleyes: , indeed

Bush Sr. and Reagan-can we say, Iran-Contra? I knew we could!

Sure we can!

Still waiting to hear about the current President’s terrorist activities, as well as those of Ford, Carter, and Clinton, though.

Big hint for Mr. Bix: A U.S. government policy or action that you don’t personally agree with DOES NOT equal “terrorism.”

Mighty big agenda for someone with 1 post. Hmmmm.

UN Security Council resolution 1397, dated 2002/03/12:

A “vision” is not the same thing as saying the state exists NOW, which is what you indicated earlier (go ahead, scroll up the page, I’ll wait).

Arafat has not actually done anything wrong. That is why it is not right to arrest him.

Also, realistically, Palestine does exist.

Arafat has not actually done anything wrong? Ordering terror attacks? Inciting murder of Israeli civilians?

If Arafat hasn’t done anything wrong, then neither has Osama Bin Laden. Neither of them actually pulled the trigger on anyone. In virtually all other respects, the only difference between the two of them is the scale of the atrocity.

You must remember Israel has killed civilians too.

The real reason that Israel does not kill Arafat who is a murdering terrorist, who has pulled the trigger himself and it has never been disputed that he is guilty of terrorist actions by anyone involved in foreign policy ever as far as I know. The real reason they don’t kill him is because he has the support of most of the world, such as the UN, because Rabin thought he was someone worth negotiating with and he’s been riding that clout ever since.

As for civilian deaths by Israel, I’d like you to name one country in the world that has performed a military action without civilian deaths.


I think you’ll find Israel are more heavy handed than most.

Also remember Arafat views it as war, not terrorism, and Israel is far more powerful in military terms. he is doing what he can against an enemy.

Niobium said:

Ah, so people in pizza shops and eating dinner in hotels are the ones who should be targeted in “a war”?

Congratulations. You just justified the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. You must be very proud.

Did I? Well then let’s see. I think the thing to understand here is the Palestinians view it as a war against the people of Israel as a whole. Now I’m not justifying it, but you must remember different religions and peoples have different views on such things, on what is and isnt acceptable in certain circumstances. You must take these things into consideration or you cause more anger and resentment.

Must I indeed.